LDF INDIA’s vision gains unparalleled support from the World Trade Center Shamshabad!

LDF INDIA’s vision gains unparalleled support from the World Trade Center Shamshabad!

LDF INDIA 2023 EXPO scheduled to take place from 21st September 2023 to 23rd September 2023 at HITEX EXHIBITION CENTRE, HYDERABAD

Hyderabad: Livestock, dairy and fisheries sectors are going to witness an industry-defining event in the form of LDF India 2023 Expo. Many government bodies are coming together to make this prestigious event a humongous success and exceptionally fruitful. Stakeholders of World Trade Center Shamshabad partnered with the LDF India team to unveil the premier event.

Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, FSSAI, IMSA, NIFTEM APEDA, ICMR, MSME, Ministry of Food Processing and many other popular bodies, along with prominent societies and private industries are supporting this majestic global expoon September 21-23, 2023 at Hitex, Hyderabad.

LDF India 2023 Expo is a joint venture between Aqua Farming Technologies & Solutions Pvt Ltd,Hitex, and AFTS, Hyderabad. In this backdrop, Venu Dantuluri, Founder & CEO, AFTS/AquaEX India; Sameer Patra, Co-founder of AquaEX India; Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman of WTC Shamshabad; T G Srikanth, Business Head, Hitex, and Sambit Kumar Mund, Senior General Manager, Hitex, spoke about the event.

What is the LDF India 2023 Expo? What is this expo all about?

Venu Dantuluri, Founder & CEO, AFTS/AquaEX India: Livestock, Dairy and Fisheries India 2023 Expo is focused on the post-harvesting phase of these sectors. It is a powerful platform that brings national and international industry experts, investors, professionals and stakeholders of livestock, dairy and fisheries sectors.

Interchange of ideas, exchange of thoughts, cutting-edge technologies and innovations, educational seminars and many more await the participants at this premier expo! Three days of growth, investment and collaboration opportunities for every industry of livestock, dairy and fisheries to grow to their next best level!

Are only industry-related participants allowed? Or is it allowed for the public?

T G Srikanth, Business Head, Hitex: Visitors and the public are allowed because this is the event to encourage innovation, betterment and sustainable consumption measures in the livestock dairy and fisheries sectors. This event will mitigate gaps in our products and services with the global standards and everyone has to witness it first-hand.

Everyone who is looking to participate from the livestock dairy and fisheries sectors can reach out to us directly through different platforms. The visiting details will be provided in the days to come through multiple media modes.

What is the current market scenario of livestock, dairy and fisheries industries? How do you think LDF India Expo will affect it positively?

Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman, WTC Shamshabad: About 20.5 million people depend on livestock for their livelihood. Around two-thirds of rural communities depend on livestock for their livelihood. Indian dairy market size is close to Rs 15 lakh crore in 2022. It is expected to reach Rs 32 lakh crore by 2028 itself. We call the Indian fisheries sector as “sunrise sector” due to its consistent double-digit annual growth rate. In India, fish consumption occupies 70 per cent of the overall meat consumption percentage. Such is the importance of these sectors. That is why bringing all the key stakeholders to one platform and creating a fundamental nexus helps to propel more growth.

LDF India 2023 Expo will attract great investment possibilities for the State of Telangana and this country too. This event is a wonderful pedestal for existing brands and young entrepreneurs to have a national and global perspective in one place.

How does it add value to our State’s and country's livestock, dairy and fisheries sectors?

Sameer Patra, Co-founder of AquaEX India: Many small, medium and large-scale industries are taking part in LDF India Expo as exhibitors and participants. They get to showcase their products, services, innovations and their brand directly to the whole world. They will enjoy one-to-one interactions and in-depth discussions with industry experts, professionals and other key stakeholders from all around the world.

Also, a lot of exchange of ideas, powerful investment opportunities and mutually-empowering collaborations are waiting for them at LDF India Expo. This is the right place that will propel all the exhibitors, participants and overall traders of livestock, dairy and fisheries sectors to grow manifolds with this expo.

Varaprasad Reddy: Technically, LDF India Expo is India’s first integrated post-harvesting platform. Our exports are less in livestock, fisheries and dairy sectors because of the shortfall and gaps in our product and service quality to the international quality and hygiene standard requirements.

We need to address issues in post-harvesting processes, technologies, cold chains, logistics and distribution management for further international trade opportunities. Also, as a growing economy, we need to address our nation’s growing food security and quality protein supply demands. There is no point in exports when we don’t supply the best quality for our own people's consumption.

We are a population rich country and addressing the Indian population’s growing food demands is our most-critical priority! LDF India 2023 Expo is a step towards achieving these national needs and international trade aspirations. Exclusive focus on post-harvest related technologies, processes, sustainable methods of sectoral upliftment and prospects are deeply addressed here.

So, this event is a significant step in making these sectors better organised and interconnected. It also promotes better connectivity among investors, organisations, industry experts, professionals, government bodies and customers. In every way, this expo will be a milestone for the livestock, dairy and fisheries sectors.

Is it a regional event or a national event? How big is this expo?

Sambit Kumar Mund, Senior General Manager, Hitex: Nothing is small when WTC Shamshabad comes on board. LDF India 2023 Expo is a premier international Livestock, Dairy and Fisheries Expo that has national and global participants and government officials gracing it and offering their powerful insights.

During our interactions with government bodies and representatives, we have found out that there are a lot of supporting schemes, grants, incentives, policies, skilling activities and encouragement programmes for the livestock, dairy and fisheries traders in our state and country.

Solid awareness and education are necessary as everyone related to these sectors should grow using these multiple government support channels. LDF India Expo helps to bridge these vital gaps and promote livestock, dairy and fisheries industries in rural and urban areas in the best way.

Is this the first event in this category for these industries?

Samir Patra: We have already successfully conducted different LDF expos in Hyderabad in Telangana and Bheemavaram in Andhra Pradesh. But by far this is the biggest as far as the scale and reach are concerned. It has great national and global significance. Participants and government bodies of different countries are already receiving their invitation and participation letters as we speak.

The World Trade Center extending its support is very prominent. Tell us more about WTC's collaboration.

Varaprasad Reddy: WTC Shamshabad always backs courageous plans that promote skilling, investment, entrepreneurial and economic activities in this wonderful country. Luckily, all these are significantly possible at just one event, the LDF India 2023 Expo. Venu and Sameer have planned a foolproof event that nurtures India's path to becoming a global leader in livestock, dairy and fisheries sectors. WTC has plans to undertake many programmes to improve exports in India by 2030. By 2050, we are aiming to see India as a global leader in different industries. This expo is one major step towards those visions.

What is the scope and significance of the LDF India Expo? How does it add value at the national level?

Venu Dantuluri: LDF India Expo is a premier global exposition happening at Hitex, which is Hyderabad's one of the largest venues. Numerous brands are participating and showcasing their products, services and innovations. Brand ambassadors, government representatives and industry stakeholders from different countries will grace the event.

We have taken up the task of personally inviting many countries to this premier event. As powerful people gather at one particular place for three days, many powerful possibilities will be set in motion. This will be the most talked about event in the years to come.

LDF India 2023 Expo seems huge and almost one of a kind for these sectors. Is the government supporting you in this endeavour?

Sameer Patra: Telangana State government and its related bodies are continuously in touch with us. They have heartily extended their unwavering support and help for everything that makes the LDF India Expo 2023 event the best. Even the central government and its bodies are extending their timely support. Thanks to them, the journey of the event has been smooth and seamless.

Venu Dantuluri: I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved Telangana State government headed by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and the Indian government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their support and help is greatly appreciated and valued.

Many key organisations including WTC Shamshabad are coming together for this expo. What can be the impact and scope of the event on livestock dairy and fisheries sectors?

Sameer Patra: Great meaningful connections, mutually empowering partnerships, Better commodity quality and improved consumer satisfaction from the livestock, dairy and fisheries industries. Also LDF India 2023 Expo will promote awareness of government grants, incentives, subsidies and policies related to livestock, dairy, and fisheries sectors.

How are preparations going for this prestigious event?

Sambit Kumar Mund: Different stalls and booth sizes are filling up at a very fast phase. You all will get to see the most famous regional, national and international livestock, dairy and fisheries brands at the expo. This will be fascinating and amusing to be a part of Awareness, investment, collaboration and education are presented most enjoyably.

Varaprasad Reddy: We are in a continuous communication loop with Mr VenuDantuluri, Mr Sameer Patra, Mr T G Srikanth and their HITEX team. All the preparations are happening at a very brisk phase. With everybody’s support, this event will have the most fruitful outcomes with its positive impact and encouragement on young entrepreneurs, existing brands and especially for women entrepreneurs.

For further details, visit ldfindia.com

Contact: [email protected] or +91 90590 51951for participation, collaboration and other details.

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