Roberrt director promises to come up with the best with Darshan in lead role

Tharun Kishore Sudhir

Tharun Kishore Sudhir


Tharun Kishore Sudhir who has left his mark on Sandalwood with his directorial debut ‘Chowka’ set to cement his position as a talented director in the Kannada film industry.

Tharun Kishore Sudhir who has left his mark on Sandalwood with his directorial debut 'Chowka' set to cement his position as a talented director in the Kannada film industry. His film 'Roberrt', starring Challenging Star Darshan, is being touted as one of the biggest Sandalwood blockbusters even before its release. The trailer for the film received a overwhelmingly positive response. It will hit the big screens on Thursday on the occasion of Mahashivarathri. In an interview with The Hans India, Tharun Kishore Sudhir talks about his second directorial venture and the experience of working on 'Roberrt'. Excerpts from the interview:

1. How did you come up with the idea for Roberrt?

It all started a few years back with one line plot. I was associated with Darshan in Chowka and he liked my working style and asked me to come up with a new script. With the support from such a star actor, I was extremely excited and approached him with this one lone plot. He immediately gave me green signal to work on it.

Then our producer Umapathi readily agreed to bankroll the film and even suggested Roberrt as the title of the venture. It is just a coincidence that in 'Chowka' Darshan made a guest appearance as Roberrt and now my new film is based on it.

2. Roberrt has been in the news for its unique title and star cast. Do you think this buzz will translate to good business in both languages (Kannada and Telugu)

Not only the title and star cast, the entire concept is totally different and as I always said, "It's a larger-than-life fictional character". I am confident about the success of the movie. The film's concept will draw the audiences to the cinemas. The story is very relevant, and most people will to relate to it. All the hard work that was put in by the team will be seen on the screens this Thursday and the audience will accept it with open hands.

3. Roberrt is portrayed as an action movie. Do you think it attracts a family audience too?

Yes. Roberrt has action, drama and emotions. It has been perceived as an action movie because of the title and the trailer. I am sure that script has the potential to entertain the audience in all possible ways. Also a poster of Darshan seen in the get-up of Hanuman holding a bow and arrow, representing Rama, with a child artist sitting on his lap. That small boy plays a major role in the film and I suggest that people watch the film and then see the poster again. The perception will be different. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the filming and am confident that it's come out well and all sections of audience will enjoy watching it.

4. Your preparation before starting Roberrt

The project was announced in 2018 and then I sat down for one year working on the script and the decision we had for Darshan's new look was huge. From his Hanuman avatar to his leather jacket-sporting look, everything was worked out in minute detaile to give this output. My intention was to make a good film for the Sandalwood audience. If we all work on this pre-production formula, everything else will automatically fall in place. I just got a chance to work with stars and to be a director. My main target is the audience. I want to make sure that everyone who watches Roberrt should remember the film forever.

5. What was Darshan reaction when you spoke of making Roberrt?

He is a man who identifies a good technician and supports them in all possible ways. Same thing happened in my life too. It was just a guest appearance in my debut film, 'Chowka'. I guess he liked the way I gave an introduction to the Roberrt character in 'Chowka'. That was the first step for me to get confidence to go and approach that one line plot which was in my mind for a long time and finally it was approved.

6. How was your experience directing Darshan?

I have worked as a co-star with him in 'Navagraha'. But direction is totally different. It is a known fact that our Challenging Star is a director's actor. He totally submits himself to the director's vision. Every director who has worked with Darshan has great experiences because he makes the environment very comfortable. We will be able to put on screen exactly what is in our mind with his support. He is a man who believes that if the story works, then everything will work. I think that is also the reason for his success. He used to make some suggestions wherever he feels necessary, but the ultimate decision is left to the director. He is a real superstar and I am really blessed to have had the chance of working with him for my second movie.

7. Film promos are getting very aggressive these days. What is your take on that?

Aggressive promotion in the present situation is very much needed. We have simultaneous releases in Kannada and Telugu. We are new to the Telugu film industry and we have to go with this strategy. Also with social media, the attention span of potential audience has shrunk. There are too many more films trying to grab the attention of the same set of audience. There are many films releasing every week. The first week collection at the box office matters more than anything else. So definitely aggressive advertising is needed.

8. Tell us about the producer?

Our producer Umapathy Srinivas Gowda is one who is very passionate about filmmaking and encourages them to make films with different themes. As a writer we can write anything on paper, but we need the same like-minded production house to present it on screen, Umapathy Film is one among them. So now under the banner of Umapathy Films, Roberrt will be presented to the audience in a rich and every fram talks about the Umapathy Srinivas Gowda passion for films.

9. Why do you take such a long gap for each film?

I want to work on the script to deliver the best to the audience. So to deliver the best will require some extra time. I have also launched my own production house, Tharun Sudhir Kreatiivez.

10. Your future projects?

I'm thinking working with a super star like Darshan has put more responsibility on me as a director. With blessings of god, I started script work for my next project with the Challenging Star to be made by Umapathy Films. It is not a fictional character. It will have a historical background.

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