Urban Baithak of Carnatic Classical Music by Tejashree and Ramya

Location: Whitefield, Kondapur, Hyderabad
Start Date: 2019-08-31 14:12:14
End Date:

The city will get to experience a unique musical evening on Saturday August 31. Urban Baithak, which is known as the new-age innovation in music is certainly worth to be experienced. The musical event is an informal setting, fusing artists’ performance with audience interaction that gives a unique twist to the classical music events. Carnatic musicians Tejashree and Ramya will be performing vocals and Master Upkar will be giving a harmonium concert during the Baithak.

Stressing about how the concept of Urban Baithak started Deepa Rajan the woman who founded this concept said, “I felt that there was a big gap in classical music scene; every time I would go to a classical concert we would have to go to Ravindra Bharati or Shilpakala Vedika and to these formal concerts we cannot take children along. When I was growing up, in my house, we used see music happening naturally. Every second day people would gather at one’s house to listen to music which is missing in today’s world where you have an informal setting of music. I then happened to see the same concept in Bangalore, I reached out people about this concept and then took off from there with a couple of Baithaks. I think it is fulfilling the need for more of classical music. The main thing we want to bring out is to have an interacting session with the performers to know more about classical music.”

Mentioning the idea behind the whole concept she said, “We want to demystify the classical piece, it’s about the artists opening up about a piece, where they speak about what they performed, the details of the raga, what is the feel of raga etc. If you go to a formal concert you won’t get to do all this. It is like a home sitting where you find comfort, the artists sit down and perform and after that they elaborate about what they performed and then the interaction starts.”