Exit Polls 2019 Vs Lok Sabha 2019 Results

The 2019 exit polls seems to have got their predictions right by providing reliable estimates as the prospect of the Congress Party failing to secure a majority turned out to be real.

Ever wondered why do we even need an exit poll when the actual results would come out anyway?

It is the media that sponsors these polls as it is way to get the viewers to get glued to the screens. Exit polling is done at selected constituencies with significant samples to work out an estimate. It includes data collected through responses from thousands of people. It involves getting people to divulge who they voted for.

Predicting a comfortable second term for the Narendra Modi led BJP government, the exit polls have once again given us a reason to trust them. It is puzzling how they can predict anything as accurate as this with minimum margin of error especially with shifting opinions of a dynamic population. They seemed to have fared better than the polls in recent years.

Here is a comparison chart of the exit polls vs 2019 poll results