Fitness lessons from a fantastic woman

Fitness lessons from a fantastic woman

In this techno-savy world it is almost impossible to live a happy life unless you are healthy. It’s only when you realise the importance of fitness and well-being. A person who is fit and healthy can live life to the fullest. Actress Shraddha Das believes in this concept and she shares her views on fitness to The Hans India

Shraddha believes that healthy diet is the most important aspect for fitness. She says " I believe that nutritious diet followed by exercise leads to a healthy life."

Speaking on her episodes on Tata Sky, she says ,"I shot a few episodes on traditional Yoga for Tata Sky Fitness that will be available in Telugu, Hindi and English.

It is observed that after movies like Bahubali and Pehelwan, fitness is a huge rage across the two Telugu States. Thus, I associated with Tata Sky Fitness to promote healthy living. Tata Sky Fitness allows subscribers to access multiple forms of exercises from industry experts at the comfort of their homes. "

Describing her favourite part of the workout, she says, "While I have tried all forms of exercises and workouts, I believe that yoga works the best for your body, mind and soul. It even enhances your skin tone. Speaking of favourites, I like breathing exercises like Pranayam and AnulomVilom.

I also prefer Surya Namaskar as it activates every part of your body. On days when one doesn't have time for a full routine exercise, you can do a few sets of Surya Namaskar. There were times when I used to do 50-100 sets of Surya Namaskar a day, but it has now reduced to about 12- 15 sets."

On her diet schedule, she says, "I have made my own diet chart keeping in mind three things. First, tips from the book written by celebrity dietitian Rujuta Diwekar that I read a few years ago.

Second, I keenly observe what kind of food suits my body and what doesn't and lastly, a few suggestions that my mother gave me. There is a myth that we should not eat often while we are on diet. Even after being on diet, I eat white rice and white sugar.

I have a set pattern for myself which helped me while I was on diet. As soon as I wake up, I eat a banana along with lemon – honey water. I love amla as it helps me in keeping my hair and skin in great condition. I also really like nuts."

On her food-style comments, "I am someone who believes in 'Dadima ka Khana.' I eat basic food like roti-sabzi. To my recent trip to Bali, I saw everyone having a turmeric latte, turmeric shots etc. I was surprised because I drink haldi ka dudh (turmeric milk) at night before going to sleep.

I feel that every woman tries to pressurise herself into attaining a certain kind of body weight. I have learnt over the years to really enjoy who I am without stressing much about fitting into a pair of jeans or dress. It doesn't bother me if I lose weight or if I am curvy, I am comfortable in my own skin.

Women try to fit into the social standards of being fit created by men and others, but they don't realise every part of the world has a different definition of beauty, physique or the body type.

Everyone should have their own weight goal and not stress themselves over it."

She shares a few tips for women, "I would like to suggest to the working women to avoid junk food like burgers and vada pav. Instead carry small edibles like nuts or amla which substitute for Vitamin C, which you can have every two-three hours. It's the easiest solution resulting into a better skin and hair. "

Sharing about her upcoming movie and her character, she says "Currently, I am shooting for a Kannada film Kotigobba 3 starring Kichcha Sudeep. I was busy shooting for the film for the past one and a half years.

I am playing the role of an interpol officer who's trying to outbound the hero. This is one of the best roles that I have bagged so far.

With Kichcha Sudeep and Aftab Shivdasani, this movie is hopefully going to be the biggest Kannada hit of the year.

It is scheduled for release in March and I am really looking forward for the release of this film."

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