Hair care essentials during monsoon

Hair care essentials during monsoon

We all love rains but that’s also a season that demands extra care for our tresses.

We all love rains but that's also a season that demands extra care for our tresses. Rain water is not the best for your hair, which can lead to all sorts of troubles when your hair faces the damp, humid monsoon. One of the most common problems faced during the monsoon is hair fall. This happens mainly because your scalp isn't clean and dry, and with the excess of moisture, it leads to all sorts of troubles.

The kind of comb one should use during monsoon

In combs, you generally have two options. You have the wide tooth comb which is mainly used for de-tangling. It's also good to use as a conditioning comb. You can use this while you have conditioner in the hair. Use this to evenly spread the conditioner.

Another comb is a pick or teasing comb which adds volume to your hair.

The oil one should use during monsoon

There are lots of oils in the market that can help with your hair this monsoon. But one must remember if your hair is very weak and you do a rigorous oil massage you are damaging your hair more. Also, what happens with oil is when you oil your hair very often you tend to over shampoo to remove the oil. This does a lot of damage to your hair.

The shampoo one should use during monsoon

Basically you must keep your hair and scalp clean in the monsoon. Try and avoid getting your hair wet in the rains, as the pollutants in the rain may weaken the shaft bonds, making your hair dull and limp. Cover your hair before going out to protect them from humidity. Use a shampoo and conditioner that strengthens your hair from the root to the tip.

Special care for Frizzy hair

During monsoon, the humidity level is very high so your hair is bound to frizz. Also, your hair tends to get wet and generally we don't tend to wash our hair every time it gets wet. Very often one will simply towel dry their hair which adds to the frizz. You should use a slightly stronger conditioner and definitely a serum to combat frizzy hair. To reduce the frizz, try using your finger pads while washing your hair and do not be very rigorous in washing.

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