Social media star fights for women

Aanchal Agrawal

Aanchal Agrawal


Aanchal Agrawal, a social media influencer who luminesces as a standup comedian and content creator with 3,50,000+ followers across social media and content reach of more than 50 million

Aanchal Agrawal, a social media influencer who luminesces as a standup comedian and content creator with 3,50,000+ followers across social media and content reach of more than 50 million . Her relatable content revolves around sports, family, gender equality and progress in her work with a desi comic twist which is hugely appreciated by many people in the industry. Currently in New York pursuing her second master's degree and being the first woman from her family to move out of the country. Aanchal moved to Mumbai after completing her in IIPS, DAVV, in 2013. She then pursued her MBA in IMS, DAVVin 2015.

Aanchal started her career working as a social media and digital marketing strategist in June 2015 followed by working as a sales trainee in Coffee Day for 4 months. Later, she began participating and showcasing her talent at various stand-up comedy shows. In 2016, she played the role of "Sameera Saxena" in the web series 'Confessions- It's Complicated'. Following this, in 2019, she was also seen in a short- term role in 'Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna'.

Since then, she has been focusing on creating content for her social media platforms. Over the years, she has collaborated with many well known brands like Truly Madly, Amazon Prime, MX Player, Flipkart, and many more.

Aanchal gained a lot of recognition since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic for her humor and comic videos which helped a lot of people get through the difficult times of COVID-19. Recently, she is one of the content creators that is leading the cause for helping people around the country with verified leads for medical resources. Apart from this, Aanchal is also a state level Badminton player (team captain), started in July

2008 for her school till October 2015. One who knows her well might also say that she's a 'Non-fiction' nerd.

Recently, Aanchal in the exclusive chat with The Hans India shares about her journey and her latest video "not letting women have a choice" which went viral. Let's have a look into it.

While she was questioned about her journey into showbiz, Aanchal said "I really don't have a concrete answer to that, I grew up in Indore and Sarni and I didn't really have a lot of exposure to unconventional careers. Everyone around me was going for engineering but I didn't want that so I did MBA. I was the first person to get placed on an on campus recruitment drive, I moved to Mumbai for that job and realised there's so much I can and should explore. I started with acting, then discovered comedy and digital creation happened by chance." "Even though my parents didn't really understand the field much, they supported me very well and brought me where I am today," Aanchal added. Comedy comes from our own lives and observations. Aanchal says, "Always, comedy comes from our own life and observations, most of my content is exaggerating my own life experiences to make them funny."

Aanchal speaks about convincing her other for making videos. She said, "My mother loves doing videos with me and even comes up with ideas so many times, she is hilarious. I don't know about the inspiration much but my idea was to be my authentic self and bring out that Indori flavour for people to see." Aanchal says her journey to masters has been wonderful. She said, "I love exploring new things in life and not just confining myself to only one thing. I might be the first one but I don't want me to be the last. My time here in New York has been full of good and bad experiences, I think I will learn a lot from it, on and off university." Sometimes I laugh at trolls on me. "I don't deal with the trolls on me, their hate is theirs to carry, not mine. I sometimes laugh it off and make jokes but I am very comfortable with the block button." Aanchal speaks about her next. She said, "I have started a women's community and I am working to build that. I have received immense support and I want to extend that to women across the globe."

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