When art meets technology

Meet Naresh Ravulapalli who is an expert in wax digital art. With his passion towards the art form right from his childhood, it took him into a different world of arts, which he follows with all his heart.

Naresh, a native of Ongole, lives in the city, working at a startup and testing his talent where art and technology meets. Engaged in digital art work, his training in CAD designing course helped him a lot to give wings to his flair. Celebrities like Vennela Kishore, Gopichand Malineni, Venky Kudumula are among the fans of his works.

In 2018, he turned his passion into profession and his new posts are going viral on social media. Busy with his two types of art works – Wax Digital Art and Wax Caricature Art – Naresh says that since his childhood he had an artistic mindset which prodded and pushed him to learn constantly and keep it at that.

At a time when such artworks are commanding a premium in the market, Naresh prices them reasonably so his medium would reach more people. "In the physical form it costs high and every one cannot afford it. To make it available at reasonable cost, I started doing it digitally and anyone can share it in digital format," he said.

Recently Naresh also did a video song featuring wax digital arts in collaboration with playback singer Hymanth and got a good response. He says that in a month he receives 25-30 orders and the price of each art work ranges from Rs 600 to Rs 15,000. The art forms can be done in digital frames and can be printed on T-shirts, coffee cups etc.

"It takes at least five hours to finish one digital art model whereas the art caricature takes a day and we mail the soft copies to the clients and they print according to their requirements. The art works include four steps: design-layout,colour grading, fininshing and background work. I have a team to help with it," says Naresh.

He proudly shared that his digital art is posted on 'RRR' movie official page and it boosted his confidence levels. Scores of people started approaching him. He feels lucky enough as his parents always supported him. "In future I will be doing more such artworks and have a few plans to improve and implement those ideas," he adds.

Naresh Ravulapalli

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