An up-and-coming artiste making waves


Typically, a techie, exhausted as he or she is by exacting demands, looks forward to weekends to unwind and catch up with personal life and its own demands. Passion and pressure to perform take a toll, but there are some like Sumanth Borra who straddle both worlds with ease and elan. This techie has struck a chord with his passion and is deftly managing his profession too – on the same scale. It is a treat to hear both his songs as well as his passion about both main profession and avocation.

Borra, a city-based musician, is gaining popularity with his private albums with his own composition. The 25-year-old who completed his B Tech and is working as a software engineer at a private company is making waves, belting out his own compositions by making private albums. The young singer is awaiting for the launch of his new song 'Ela Mari Ika Raava.'

Earlier, he participated in the state and district-Level competitions where he could test and prove his budding talent and flair for singing. "I have participated in over a hundred competitions and won many awards and prizes too. The satisfaction while receiving an award makes us forget the entire struggle that we go through while singing," says he.

Sumanth says that during the Covid-induced lockdown he got the idea of composing and coming up with private albums of his own. In no time, he started doing it and enjoying it. Eventually, he released his album through his own YouTube channel. Soon, he got to work with music companies as he started winning ears and captivating the public. He collaborated with the Aditya Music and few of his songs that made him recognition were Adharva Moriya, Vishwam, Malli Raava, Evare Cover, and Gananayaka and also his Youtube channel helped him to gain more popularity.

The young techie-musician says that right from his childhood, he wanted to become a singer but his parents wanted him to finish his studies before entering into the music industry. He recalls: "I used to practise singing a lot after coming from school and after my Intermediate I took a break and concentrated on my studies. But my hobby is paying me off. It is difficult to manage both my passion and profession. I make use of weekends to compose music and practise it and remaining time I focus on profession."

For his upcoming cover song "Elaa Mari Ika Raava" he is working with two other members, Venaktesh Uppala (Music Director) and Faraz(singer) as these trio made a song and will be out soon. "My goal is to make sure to give the best songs to the listeners and settle down in the film industry in the field of music and put my talent to good use," he signs off in a gentle croon.

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