Rice Water Helps Skin whitening

Rice Water Helps Skin whitening

Rice Water Helps Skin whitening 


Japanese and Korean women usually have flawless white skin.

Japanese and Korean women usually have flawless white skin. Most of them follow regular skincare routines and the very popular ingredient used in their skin care routine is rice water. They believe the above water has cosmetic healing properties. Even in Asian beauty rituals, rice water has been part of varied skin care routine for centuries. It was hidden ingredients that help them get glowing and blemish free skin.

Rice water is an excellent source of nutrients, nearing to 16% of its composition is protein; they act as building blocks to skin cells. The rest of the composition is carbohydrates, inositol, phytic and inorganic acids. It also contains starch, lipids, triglycerides; all of these, enhance skin health in numerous ways.

Rice Water Beauty Benefits

• Lightens Skin Tone

• Anti-aging

• Repairs your skin barrier

• Soothes and prevents sun damage

• Best Mattifier on skin

Rice water is both gentle and brimming on your skin. For Skin enthusiastic, there is Good news to you. Rice water can be easily prepared at home. There are three major ways you can prepare, they are

First method –Just soak it

This is the fastest and easiest method, which many prefer to follow, here all you need to do is, wash thoroughly the uncooked rice in water twice or thrice so that bleaching, pesticides and cleaning agents are washed way. Then soak the rice in clear water for about 30 minutes. You can also gently mix and press the soaked rice using your fingers. After 30 Minutes strain the water and store it in clean spray bottle and refrigerate it. This water can be used for about one week. After one week, you still have remaining rice water, do not use it, throw them and prepare next batch.

Second method –Fermented Rice water

When you prepare rice water using the second method, it is more effective. In a glass bowl, add rice and wash it with water once or twice and then again pour water in the rice bowl and keep it aside for two days. Let it soak for 2 days and on the 3rd day strain the rice water and refrigerate it.

Third method –Boil Rice

In this method, you need to cook rice as usual and collect the starch. Once the starch gets cooled, transfer it to a glass bottle and then refrigerate it.

How to use Rice water on your skin?

Two ways you can use them depending on the method you have prepared.

First way

Rice water prepared using 1st and 2nd method

Rice water prepared using first and second method (soaked or boiled) is stored in a spray bottle. Whenever you wish to spritz a mist or toner, you can either use a cotton ball or pad and apply it on your face and keep it for half an hour or so and then wash it using Luke warm water.

Second option

Fermented rice is very effective. Dilute the fermented rice water by adding some water, use either cotton pad or ball and apply it. Leave it for same and wash it.

Rice water can be used daily as a toner and you can include it even in facial mask made using aloe vera, ground oats and honey. Before using the rice water on your face, smell it and if it smells sour, throw it away and prepare new one.

Many of you might find washing your face with rice water odd. But all those who have used it have experienced good results. Eventhough there exist no scientific evidence that rice water can help whiten the skin, but many beauty brands selling whitening products have this particular ingredient, especially the Korean and Japanese beauty brands.

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