Sustainability in beauty cabinet

Sustainability in beauty cabinet
Sustainability in beauty cabinet

A simple yet effective beauty routine with products that care for skin without neagitve environmental impact

The pandemic we're living through has transformed every aspect of our lives, from how we work to what we wear when we step outside the house.

"Our everyday beauty routines have changed too — we're re-evaluating what and how much we use altogether. Foundation and eye makeup have been replaced with dabs of concealer and kajal or mascara, and lip balms are top tier since face masks became a compulsion.

Most importantly, these changes seem like they're headed in the permanent direction; no one wants to use more than they need to, and they want to use them mindfully," says Ritika Jayaswal, CEO & Founder Nourish Mantra.

The beauty industry is one of the main producers of pollutants, especially destabilising the oceans and water bodies. Before nature gushes us with her wrath, we must incorporate the concept of sustainability in our beauty cabinet.

From sulphate-based soap and shampoo formulations to microbeads in our scrubs, the list of toxic materials in our skin potions is long. The most glaring of all of them is packaging.

Modern day skincare is marketed as an experience as compared to older mantra of only being results-driven. To make the products look appealing, layers of packaging are used, a large part of them being non-biodegradable components, including plastic.

The new rules of skincare

Skincare is moving away from being largely gimmick- and marketing-driven via social media — over-the-top packaging and the works — to a bare boned routine of products that do good for your skin and make you feel better.

Following a skincare routine twice a day allows people to use that time to connect with themselves, nourish their skin and have a few minutes centred on their wellbeing.

When you invest in formulas, you must be assured it is toxin-free and vegan potions that do good for your skin and the environment. Clean beauty isn't a buzzword anymore, it's a new way of life.

Slow beauty for the win

Today's informed consumer wants to know more about what actually goes on their skin. Transparent, clean beauty blends are the need of the hour, synthetic formulas are a no-go and less truly is enough.

A simple yet effective beauty routine with products that care for skin is what the foreseeable future is all about. A skincare category that's seen a surge in demand is that of hand hygiene — natural cleansers and hand creams are of prime importance with brands starting to add them to their offerings.

Just the way a person wouldn't want toxic chemicals to be a part of what you eat, harmful ingredients shouldn't be in what you feed your skin either.

From nourishing face oils to hand lotions, there's an Ayurvedic concoction for every skincare step and it's time to make the shift.

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