Beast Review: It Is All Vijay’s One Man Show

Being Kollywood’s ace actor Thalapathy Vijay’s 65th movie all his fans have high expectations on the movie and that too as the plot deals with intense hijack drama, the excitement reached a notch higher.


Generally, we witness the hijack dramas going with the general plots like terrorists hijacking a flight and contacting the officials to put forward their demands. But in this movie, director Nelson went with a different formula… He showcased the lead actor ex-Raw agent Veera Raghava reaching a mall in search of a job… But unfortunately, the terrorists hijack the mall and take almost 150 people under their control. And guess what, even Raghava is also one of them and thus, he fights with the terrorists being in the mall itself. The first half shows how Vijay enters the mall and then how is makes plans to attack the terrorists as they ask to free their leader Umar from the jail. He actually resigns from his job and comes to Chennai to execute a secret mission but ends up being captured by terrorists along with his lead actress Pooja Hegde.

Then the second half starts and this showcases the amazing action sequences… It showcases how Vijay plans to protect the common people in the mall. Director also added a small humour sense to the plot and elevated heroism. He actually flies to Pakistan and captures the terrorist group leader and brings him back to India. This is so dramatic and seems to be easy!


All we need to speak is about lead actor Vijay as he is seen in a complete action mode and showcases his best in the action sequences. His humour, action, dance and romance make all his fans go aww while Pooja Hegde looks impressive and support the lead actor in his mission. As there is no main antagonist in the movie, Selva Raghavan essayed the rescue team head role and adds some humour too. Even other actors also did their best and made the movie worth watching once!


Vijay’s action sequences

Anirudh’s music


It is a complete treat to all the Vijay fans but the story lacks proper impact thus, it can be watched one time for the lead actor’s action sequences!