Ek Mini Katha Movie Review & Rating {3/5}

Starring Santhosh Shobhan and Kavya Thapar in the lead roles, Ek Mini Katha is available for streaming on Amazon Prime now. The film is directed by Karthik Rapolu and noted director Merlapaka Gandhi provided the story. UV Concepts and Mango Mass media bankrolled the film. Let us see what the film has to offer.

Story: Santhosh, the only son of Rammohan(Bramhaji) suffers from inferiority complex pertaining to his ‘small-sized’ manhood part. He tries to evade the marriage his father fixes with Amrutha(Kavya Thapar) owing to his size problem. Santhosh’s friend Darshan(Sudharshan) helps him in the process. Will Santhosh find a solution to his problem? Watch the film to know the answer.

Artist’s performance: Santhosh Shobhan breathes life into the complex role he portrays. He excels as a man struggling with a strange and unexplainable problem. Kavya Thapar delivers a fine performance as well. Bramhaji plays a comic role and he shines. Sapthagiri’s hungama in the final 30 minutes will leave the audience in splits. Posani Krishnamurali, and Harshavardhan make guest appearances.

Technical Departments: Merlapaka Gandhi needs to be appreciated for penning such a bold story and conceiving it in an engaging manner. The dialogues in the first half are witty. The second half is loaded with good emotions, comedy, and romantic scenes. The writing and screenplay are very good. The debut director Karthik Rapolu handled the story with good ease. There is a bit of lag in the second half but for the most parts, the narrative is breezy. Gokul’s Cinematography is excellent and so is Praveen Lakkaraju’s music. Editing is okayish.

Ek Mini Katha will make for a good watch during this lockdown period. It is a must-watch for the men out there. The Telugu audiences will thoroughly enjoy the film.

Punch Line: Ek Size Katha