‘Manamey’ review: Stylish narrative package

"Manamey," directed by Sriram Adittya, starring Sharwanand and Krithi Shetty creates huge buzz in film circles from the date of its announcement. The film’s promotional content created much more hype. Now, as the film hits theatres, let’s see how it fares at box-office.


The film centers on Vikram (Sharwanand) and Shubhadra (Krithi Shetty), who take on the responsibility of caring for their friends’ orphaned child. The narrative explores their journey as they navigate newfound parenthood while discovering love amidst their responsibilities. What happened next is the main crux of the film.


Sharwanand shines with his charismatic presence and effortless portrayal of Vikram. His delivery of sharp dialogues and comedic timing adds vibrancy to the first half. Krithi Shetty, although charming, but there is limited scope for her talents. Seerat Kapoor's role feels out of place and adds little value, while supporting actors like Rahul Ravindran and Vennela Kishore struggle with underdeveloped characters.


Visually, "Manamey" excels with its slick cinematography by Nana Shekar VS and Vishnu Sarma, complemented by Jonny Shaik's art direction. Each frame is aesthetically polished, contributing to the film's stylish appeal. However, PrawinPudi's editing could have been sharper, particularly in the second half where pacing issues and unnecessary sequences detract from the overall experience. Hesham Abdul Wahab's music, though stylishly choreographed, lacks memorable tunes that resonate beyond the screen.


Director Sriram Adittya's approach to "Manamey" starts promisingly with a breezy first half filled with humor and visual grandeur. However, the film loses its grip in the second half due to weak emotional depth and disjointed storytelling. The transition from light-hearted moments to serious themes lacks finesse, leaving pivotal emotional sequences feeling forced and unconvincing. Despite its flaws, "Manamey" manages sporadic moments of entertainment, primarily through Sharwanand's energetic performance and the film's impressive visual presentation.

"Manamey" attempts to blend romance with parental responsibility in a stylish narrative package. While it succeeds in capturing attention with its slick visuals and initial humor, the film struggles to maintain its momentum due to inconsistent pacing and underdeveloped character arcs. Sharwanand's performance stands out amidst these challenges, but overall, "Manamey" shows his potential and delivers a compelling and cohesive cinematic experience.