Popcorn Review: Disappointing Lack of Taste

Popcorn: A Below-Par Film with a Lackluster Story and Screenplay

Sameerana (played by Avika Gor) is determined to become a singer, but her health condition presents a challenge to her dream. Pavan (played by Sai Ronak) is a passionate young man who aspires to become a musician. The two strangers find themselves trapped in a mall elevator and must navigate their time together.

The film's narrative may be familiar to movie-goers, but it still has a decent story. Some scenes between Avika Gor and Sai Ronak are charming to watch. Avika, known for her role as Chinnari Pellikuthuru, is energetic and bubbly in the film. In addition to acting, she also co-produced the film. Her performance as Sameerana is satisfactory.

Sai Ronak, a budding actor, again showcases his versatility by choosing a unique concept. He is charming and has a strong screen presence, and his comedic timing and energetic performance are sure to bring him more opportunities in the industry.

However, the film's major downfall is its lack of an engaging story and narration. The idea of two strangers trapped in an elevator is intriguing, but the film fails to capture the audience's interest. The director, who also wrote the script, was unable to deliver an engaging story. There was potential for comedy, emotions, romance, and even a message, but the film falls flat.

Additionally, some scenes in the second half feel repetitive and boring, and there are numerous illogical and silly moments throughout the film. The lead male character's nonchalant attitude towards being trapped in the elevator is a major plot hole, and the undamaged birthday cake in the aftermath of a hard elevator fall is unrealistic.

If the writer had focused more on the story, Popcorn could have been a great entertainer. The lead actors' performances are overshadowed by the weak story and screenplay. The film could have benefited from fewer songs, as they only disrupt the flow of the film. The runtime is disappointing and could have been tighter.

In terms of technical aspects, the cinematography by MN Bal Reddy is the only noteworthy aspect. The music by noted composer Shravan Bharadwaj is unimpressive, and the editor could have trimmed unnecessary scenes. The production values are adequate.

Popcorn falls short as a film due to its lackluster story and screenplay. Despite decent performances by the lead actors, the film falls short as a below-par experience. It is not worth watching this weekend.