MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th October 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 31st December 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 31st December 2020


In this free age, when Indians can purchase land and properties in any country across the world, there should not be any restrictions for them to buy lands in their own country (October 28)

Protect the 'paradise on earth'

In this free age, when Indians can purchase land and properties in any country across the world, there should not be any restrictions for them to buy lands in their own country (October 28). However, government should ensure that Jammu and Kashmir does not turn out to be a concrete jungle in the name of development by permitting industries and real estate indiscriminately.

Eco system in the valley should also be protected . The government might have scrapped "special status" in Kashmir but it should impose special restrictions in the state so as to save the environment in the region and retain its name of "paradise on earth" forever.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

There seems to be light at the end of tunnel with Central government relaxing land laws in Jammu and Kashmir. For the creation of employment, industrial development is indispensable in the state. Like rest of the country, any citizen of India can buy land in UT which was not possible since the inclusion of J&K with India.

Central government looked before it leaped while notifying the order and omitted "Permanent Residence" clause and "Domicile Certificate" clause for buying land. Employment has always been the case of great worry in the state and owing to it many youth derailed and chose the path of violence. Land law was major hindrance in setting up industries in the state, hopefully such measures will usher in an era of development. Although, State opposition parties like PDP and NC took umbrage on Centre's notification and called it a "betrayal".

Yashi Bairagi, Amaravati

Reduce number of exams

Now the state government is contemplating reopening of schools from November 2. Already children lost five months of the academic year. Even if the schools are reopened, most of the parents are not willing to send their children to schools. In this context, syllabus has to be reduced considerably so that teachers can complete it comfortably in the remaining next few months. Hence, I request the authorities concerned to consider reducing the number of exams for 10th class students. Just as the CBSE is doing, we too should conduct only one exam for each subject.

At present, except for Hindi, for all other subjects two exams are conducted. SCERT too should consider the same pattern of exams as followed by the CBSE. It will reduce the burden on students and cut the expenditure on conducting exams.

D V Seshasai, Narasaraopet

Strong Indo-US friendship

The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement being signed between India and America is a big leap forward in bilateral relations between these two countries. BECA, the last one in troika of foundational agreements between two military apparatuses has made the mutual trust complete as part of the long term partnership. By providing real time access to Geospatial intelligence the USA's help would come handy not only in times of war but also in times of natural disasters.

Though the talks between India and America for such strategic agreements have been on anvil for one and half decades, animosity with China has hastened the final agreement to get realised. India should not move further from other world leaders like Russia over diplomatic relations in its hurry to befriend its fair weather friend. The camaraderie should bring mutual benefits not only in military terms, but also in trade and other areas.

Dr D V G Sankararao, Nellimarla

The visit of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and his team to India and signing a volley of mega agreements on key strategic matters including a pact to jointly fight china's tyranny and reckless aggression on the LAC is welcome. When Chinese aggression on the LAC and its attempt to forcibly occupy Indian territory only saw frequent skirmishes due to china going back on its word to de-escalate tension remaining only on paper.

Even as Pompeo talks tough on China and calls it as a 'threat to security' while further expressing to strengthen ties with India to deal with all challenges by assuring full support to stand by with India in its efforts to defend its sovereignty and its liberty is heartening, what is shocking that china not only sees red in the Indo-US ties but ask India without reason to maintain distance from the US even as it acts and works against the interests of India in all matters related to terrorism. Further, key strategic matters like giving access to India to US satellite images and in particular focusing on Indonesia Pacific ocean is laudable, at the same time it sends a strong message to China that like US and India, other democratic nations in the world have chosen democracy and freedom and sovereignty over authoritarianism and tyranny because respecting the rule of law and rules based on international order only promotes peace and stability throughout the world always.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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