Hyderabad: New consumer law sees more people move courts

New consumer law sees more people move courts

New consumer law sees more people move courts


20% rise seen in cases at the three fora in city after new Act came into force on July 20

Hyderabad: The number of cases before the Hyderabad District Consumer Forum (I, II, III) registered an increase of about 20 per cent after the implementation of the new Consumer Protection Act, which came into force on July 20 this year. Previously, according to the 1986 Act, if any item was purchased by a consumer from a trader and if it was damaged or was of inferior quality, he/she had no right to question the trader as he was only projected as a facilitator. But, according to the latest Act, the consumer enjoys complete right to question and file a case against the trader if there is any malpractice.

Although it's only three months since the Act has become law, consumers are keeping faith in the forum and are approaching it for justice. "We have been working during the pandemic too, as the flow of cases is high, as against last year. At least 20 to 25 per cent cases are on the rise. More cases are being filed against firms involved in online shopping, those dealing in real estate (flats & plots) and against sales of products above MRP." said Gopi Kishore, a senior advocate of the Consumer Forum.

"We have 11 staffers at the Hyderabad district forum working in three teams. Each team has three advocates. Daily a team comes to the forum and completes the task. On the same lines, the State Consumer Commission has six teams. Each team has an advocate who visits on a single day and completes the hearings," he added.

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