Water supply, sewage woes haunt Lakshmamma Enclave residents

Water supply

Photos: Prabhu Das


  • Sewage overflow
  • Poor condition of internal roads
  • Lack of public transportation
  • No drinking water pipelines

Macha Bolarum: The residents of Lakshmamma Enclave in Macha Bolarum are facing a lot of problems that include absence of drinking water pipelines, bad internal roads, no public transportation and sewage overflow.

Locals alleged that the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board have failed to fulfil their duty towards the Colony.

According to locals, the major issue plaguing them is the absence of drinking water pipelines from the time of Colony's establishment. As a result, the locals are forced to fetch drinking water from the common borewell. They also rued over bad internal roads urging the authorities to recarpet them at the earliest.

"Fed up of making complaints to GHMC officials about the internal roads and sewage overflow issues. The internal roads of our colony were laid long ago. Till now, no repairs have been taken up to them though they were battered due to rains and other reasons. Whenever we take up the issue with the officials concerned, they always make false promises and the problems remain unsolved," said Vamshi Krishna, president of Lakshmamma Enclave.

"Our main concern is the lack of drinking water pipelines here. With Several representations to the water board falling on deaf ears, we are forced to depend on water from borewell and water cans. We request the officials concerned to lay the pipeline as soon as possible," said Krishna Rao, another resident of the Enclave.

"The absence of public transportation is also one of the major issues here. With 24SM bus services pulled over, we are forced to travel in autos and or through other means to avail the bus services at a farther distance. We are tired of making complaints to the officials concerned," said Sunil, another resident.

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