What the Independence Day means to me

What the Independence Day means to me

Change is the only constant and India has been undergoing a rapid transformation since its independence. Given the rapid changes, it is natural to...

Change is the only constant and India has been undergoing a rapid transformation since its independence. Given the rapid changes, it is natural to know what the 73rd Independence Day means to people on the eve of the red-letter day. Avinash Bhingarde & Vasavi Kaleru spoke to a cross-section of people…

This Independence Day shall bring out absolute freedom for Indians in every aspect. The common perception that there is political interference in police cases is wrong. A police must be able to decide by himself and the police department should be able to work in a manner that they are only answerable to law, court, and people of the country. In Telangana, police have complete freedom. Anurag Sharma (Former DGP)

Independence Day really means a lot to us. I thank each and every freedom fighter who fought for the nation on this 73rd Independence Day. Compared to Bollywood, we have little freedom of speech.

I suggest each and every individual who is willing to step into films to be bold, strong and straight forward. Before taking up acting as a profession, one needs to understand the freedom provided for us in the fields and make utilise it by being friendly without hurting anyone's emotion. I wish India goes forward with new energy and new trending experimental films presenting opportunities to everyone. Lavanya Tripathi (Telugu film actress)

Achieving freedom for Indians is always a memorable moment. I am very patriotic towards India and love celebrating Independence Day. In this fast-moving generation, we are tied up with restrictions, thinking it is acceptable. In anchoring, we are bound by restrictions

In a comedy skit or in a trial to entertain people, we casually walk to film stars and choose to have words with them. This is not to hurt them, but, few take it personally, feel hurt and make us feel really guilty. Ravi (TV anchor)

Most of the time we are not here during Independence Day; we are out on tour. Our whole team celebrates Independence Day there by singing our national anthem. If we are in India during that we celebrate it in our academy with all other players. Independence according to me is that we, players, should have freedom in the badminton court.

We often see people praise us for our victories but the same people bash us when we lose. We want them to know that they should not judge a player by the result – they should see the players' effort that he puts in the game. Playing for India is always a proud feeling for me which I will always cherish and I give my 100 per cent in the court always. B Sai Praneeth (Badminton player)

There are no jobs back in our village (Bhundi, Bihar), so, we have to travel around different cities to find jobs. It's been a year since I came to Hyderabad and have been doing different jobs for my living. I sell different items at traffic signals.

Now it's Independence Day, so I am selling flags. Once it is over, I will sell other items, depending on the season, festival and trend. Independence, according to me, is to have employment in our villages or nearby places so that we don't have to travel far away leaving our family and loved ones back to find jobs. Ratan Singh (Hawker at traffic signals)

I was born in 1922 in Secunderabad and when India got Independence I was around 25-years-old and was working as a social worker. I got to roam around India and help people. When India gained independence, there was not as much celebration as we see now. We would hoist the flag and sing national anthem and distribute sweets and congratulate one other and take pledge that we will do our service honestly and will serve our country.

I have seen Hyderabad grow and become an IT capital. Back in my days, there was more affinity amidst people unlike now and I guess that is what that needs to change. Venkat Rao Rama Rao Ghanathay, 97

We used to celebrate Independence Day by visiting our school in the morning and hoisting the flag, after which we used to have snacks and return home. Back then I used to think everyone in the world was living in harmony and peace. The definition of Independence changed for me after I started working as a manual scavenger.

I get monthly around Rs 5,000. For the past two years, I have been celebrating Independence Day at the GHMC office. Independence for me is living my life without being judged. There are a few people who get ready to do this job, and if we don't do our job, your drains will be choked. Mallesh (Manual scavenger)

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