Vijayawada: Digital revolution reaches tribal villages

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1,529 telecom tower sites selected by the Reliance Jio across tribal villages to ensure 4G coverage in the remote areas

Vijayawada: The 1,529 telecom tower sites deployed by the Reliance Jio across key tribal villages in the State ensured that the Araku valley, Borra Caves, Lambasingi, Kothapalli waterfalls are now under 4G coverage.

Remote villages like Paderu, Chintapalli, Maredumilli, Rampachodavarm, Addateegala, G Madugula, Peda Bayalu, GK Veedi, Dumbriguda can now experience high-speed 4G network. This enables the children residing in these areas in continuing their education without stepping out and people stay safe and connected with the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the common man interacts. There has been a transformation in the way people shop, communicate, learn, get entertained and financially transact. This transformation is not limited only to the upper classes but has been witnessed in even rural markets.

The primary factor that enabled this transformation was the widespread proliferation of 4G networks by the telecom service providers. Unlike in the past where 3G was restricted to mostly urban centres, the new 4G networks are available in villages with a population of a few hundreds.

The launch of widespread 4G services accompanied by entry level 4G devices by India's largest 4G service provider have ensured that customers even in the most remote villages are not deprived of these services & its advantages.

In Andhra Pradesh, Jio has recently acquired additional band width. As on date Jio has gone ahead with the deployment of all these spectrums across all 10,462 sites spread across the State. This additional deployment of 20 MHz spectrum across AP Telecom Circle has added up to the existing 40 MHz spectrum and enhanced the total spectrum availability in the region by 50 percent.

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