Trendy hairstyle: Bouncing bob, beehive

Trendy hairstyle: Bouncing bob, beehive

Planning to revisit iconic hairstyles such as bouncy bob and beehive, try an expert\'s tips to get it right.

Planning to revisit iconic hairstyles such as bouncy bob and beehive, try an expert's tips to get it right.

Michael Douglas, director of Silvikrin Style, shares tips on how to recreate the most iconic looks from the past century, reports
The Bouncy Bob: The loosely curled, buoyant bob epitomises Hollywood glamour through the ages and it can be recreated in a few simple steps:
Step 1: When the hair is still damp, spritz with some gel spray and blow dry until the hair is about 50 percent dry, so you can make the most of what I call the wet-set technique!
Step 2: Straight after blow-drying, pop some rollers into the hair. With each roller, roll down and forward towards the front, which will beautifully frame the face. Leave in until the hair dries completely
Step 3: Once dry, take out the rollers and start to gently run a small bristle brush through the hair to lightly break down the set curls
Step 4: Finally, use your hands and hairspray to sculpt the style into place for a natural looking, bouncy finish. To add a stylish touch, create a deep side parting and tuck one-side of the style behind the ear for an asymmetrical twist.
The Beehive: This hair do exudes 1960s style. Even today, it is a firm favourite on red carpets and catwalks alike. Here's how to achieve the look at home:
Step 1: Begin by blow drying wet hair with a round bristle brush and an apple sized ball of mousse. Distribute evenly through the hair until completely dry
Step 2: Next, if you have time, add a loose wave to the hair using large-barrel tongs. This is a great little trick to help keep the beehive's famous backcombing in place
Step 3: Now for that all-important backcombing! Make sure you backcomb all of the hair from the roots to the mid-lengths, using a fine toothcomb to achieve as much height as possible
Step 4: Follow this by smoothing back the surface of the backcombed hair, taming it with short bursts of hairspray for a sleek and controlled finish
Step 5: Finally, brush the hair backwards and pin into shape using Kirby grips to fix the style in place. For a modern twist, try leaving some strands out at the front or else simply keep the height at the crown with the back section a little looser for a more relaxed look.
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