Oh my word Moment, Memento

Oh my word Moment, Memento

The moment you enter into his office, you will see a white poster shouting at you: Memento Mori! If you are curious to know about it, he will not...

The moment you enter into his office, you will see a white poster shouting at you: Memento Mori! If you are curious to know about it, he will not hesitate to explain about the mementoes and what is memento mori: remember you must die! Moment is a brief portion time (I shall be back in a moment), a very brief time (He said he will be back in a moment but it is more than twenty minutes!), at a particular point of time (He arrived the moment we were leaving home), in physics and mechanics moment refers to turning effect; at the moment means at this time, now; have one’s moments refers to be happy on the occasion.

Momentary is an adjective meaning lasting for a very short time; a momentary pause, momentary interruption, momentary success. Political power is momentary in electoral politics unlike in a authoritarian regimes. Happiness is momentary that is why one has to gain balance to deal with sadness and happiness with equanimity.

Momentarily is an adverb: for a very short time (He shuddered momentarily), very soon, immediately (The doctor will see you momentarily), at any moment, instantly. Momentous means very important, serious. Momentous is an adjective: A momentous decision, a momentous occasion, a momentous event, momentous changes and times, etc. What are the momentous days in your life? The derivatives of momentous are momentously and momentousness.

As we entered into his house momentarily he started to speak about his momentous occasions. Memento is an object kept in memory of a person or of an occasion marking something important; thing given, or bought, etc and kept as a reminder of a person or place or an event. Memento is a singular noun but its plural form is mementos or mementoes.

What happened to all the mementoes the unique actor and politician NT Rama Rao received in his lifetime? If only the mementoes had been saved and preserved in a museum it would have been momentous. Few people keep little gifts in their homes to give them a memento for their unusual and unexpected guests.

Memento Mori is a warning of death or a reminder of death. The compound noun comes from Latin literally meaning: remember you must die. We remembered those moments when we received mementoes but at the same time we also remembered our moments of failures. At this moment let us strive to spread fairness and happiness in our midst that will be momentous every day, and who knows we may get mementoes in the Heavens!

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