A challenge better not to take

A challenge better not to take

Lock screen challenge is going viral all over social media. But what is this new lock screen challenge is your question right? Yes here you go, it is...

Lock screen challenge is going viral all over social media. But what is this new lock screen challenge is your question right? Yes here you go, it is all about taking screen shot of your smart phone lock screen and posting in social media and yes, also to nominate your friends to do the same.

It all started with an ice bucket challenge where the activity is all about dumping a bucket of ice water or cubes on someone’s head, or on their head; but it had a specific cause to support people suffering from the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This challenge has come up to create awareness and raise funds.

Rice bucket challenge, donate and nominate people to do the same has mushroomed in India. It had a valid reason were people got to think about poverty groups and help in a right way. Soon after came Novel challenge were one gets to post list of their favourite novels and ask people to do the same by tagging the group of friends in social media.

“Novel challenge makes people know about the interesting books which they skipped and make one aware of exciting things to follow on, as of now every challenge had some or the other meaning behind it. But lock screen challenge is of no use. May be it shows the boldness of a person by uploading the screen shot as and how the picture is but this challenge is so meaningless.

And I hope people turn little brainy while accepting and making these challenges go viral,” says Ahmed Mohuddin, a 26-year-old software employee. Maybe it must be helping people some way or other to get connected with their friends by nominating to accept the challenge and create a buzz, he adds. Satya Mounica, a 22-year-old student, says, “The ice bucket challenge had a meaningful cause by making people aware of a disease.

Soon a few copycat challenges like rice bucket challenge and novel challenge have come through, which were good enough. Any new challenge should go to the next level that motivates people to take action for a cause.” Sneha S Jinturkar, 24 year old software employee, accepted this lock screen challenge as she was nominated by one of her friend. “The rice bucket challenge has been the most hilarious of all the challenges.

Makes me think why we need a challenge to donate rice to the needy. The lock screen challenge makes the least sense to me. It is an attempt of kids to always stay in the lime light. If something as insane as a rice or novel challenge can be effects of ice bucket challenge, we definitely can expect it to go down to another level of boredom!” says Sneha candidly. Hope some bunch of brainy youth comes up with a stimulating challenge. Go to next level, guys!


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