California: The water paradise

California: The water paradise

California: The Water Paradise. The Golden state has a long and beautiful coastal line and thus beaches are one of the major attractions in the State.

The Golden state has a long and beautiful coastal line and thus beaches are one of the major attractions in the State. It boasts more than 1,100 miles of breathtaking coastline, ranging from Hollywood-perfect expanses of smooth sand to dramatically windswept ocean side cliffs. If you are a beach person, you can find it all at California’s many beaches.

Santa Barbara's Beaches-Unmatched Sandy Entertainment:

Often referred to as "America's Riviera," Santa Barbara offers everything from rugged cliff sides to expansive sandy beaches. With ample choices available, you might get confused which one to visit. So here's a list of can't-miss beaches in the area-Butterfly Beach (Montecito): You can escape for a quiet stroll at sunrise or sunset (or take to the calm waters of the Pacific on a stand-up paddle board session.

East and West Beach (Santa Barbara): Divided by Stearns Wharf, these two beaches offer endless opportunities for some fun-in-the-sun, including pick-up volleyball, sea kayaking, biking, and people watching!

Carpinteria City Beach: Known as “The World’s Safest Beach” this spot offers gentle waves and seldom experiences rip tides, making it a great spot to take the family for a day at the beach.

Hunting Ton Beach:Bonfires By The Ocean:

Huntington Beach is celebrated as Surf City USA but it may just be the world's bonfire capital too. With nearly 600 fire rings available on a first-come, first-served basis, bonfires are a city tradition right up there with surfing and volleyball. Beach concessionaires and some hotels offer wood and the fixings for a cookout. The beach makes you feel like you're living in one of those classic beach movies from the 1960s that first put the SoCal (Southern California) beach scene on the map.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk:

Often called the Main Beach, this is an all-around fun. The wide spread of beach has volleyball and plenty of room for everyone, the water offers good surfing, and back from the beach the famed Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is home to, among other things, free beach concerts (in summer) and a wonderful old wooden roller coaster.

Southern California's Classic Beaches

If beaches are your desire, this is the place to be. Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Laguna, Hermosa, Malibu—the collection of first-rate beaches is ridiculously long. You could spend a lifetime exploring Southern California’s coast— many have—and still fall short. Any list overlooks dozens of gems, so keep this in mind as you travel north from San Diego’s beaches to L.A.’s.

Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach isn’t just a paradise for people; this is a canine fun zone too—the dog-friendly beach finds owners tossing tennis balls and romping with their furry pals. It can be foggy here, especially May through August, but stick around and the sun often peeks through. Fall and winter days are often clear, crisp, and beautiful.

Farther south, Carmel River State Beach is a more secluded option, with silky sand dunes and a host of seabirds, including marbled godwits, brown pelicans, tiny sanderlings, and black oystercatchers.

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