Mango varieties in India

Mango varieties in India

As summer is here The King of Fruits Mangos cheers everyone. With innumerable choices, some of the popular mangos to taste this summer. Alphanso...

As summer is here The King of Fruits Mangos cheers everyone. With innumerable choices, some of the popular mangos to taste this summer.

Alphanso : The sweetest of the all mangos Alphonsos or Hapoos are grown in western of Ratnagiri, Raigad and Konkan, and Navsari in Gujrat.Seasoned from May to July.
Banganpalli : Andhra Pradesh's famous is everyone’s favorites. Most cultivated mango grown in India with 14-16 cm in length.Seasoned from March to August.
Kesar : The Golden Mango, largely exported to the US for the past three years. The fruit is also exported to China, Hong Kong, England, Japan, Netherland and the Gulf countries. Grown in Saurashtra, and in Madhya Pradesh. Seasoned from April to July.
Dasheri : First appeared in the gardens of Nawabs of Lucknow cultivated in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Medium sized long looking with thinner seed compared to others. Seasoned from May to August.
Langda/Langra : Cultivated in Varnasi, this mango has an extremely short seasonal life. It conjures the image of a person whose purpose in life is carefree joy and enjoyment. It has an acidic sweetish sour taste akin to turpentine. Seasoned in last two weeks of July.
Gulab Khas : This mango is grown particularly in Bihar. The mango is reddish in appearance, and is known for its rosy flavor and aroma having non-fibrous pulp. Seasoned from May to August.
Raspuri : This kind of mango is grown in Mysore, Karnataka. Raspuri Mangoes have an excellent flavor and are juicy in texture. They are rich in carotenes which are a pre cursor of vitamin A. Raspuri mango is used in the making of ice creams, yogurts, smoothies, juices, jams and jellies. Seasoned from March to June.
Totapuri : Grown predominantly in the south of India, this mango as the name suggest bears its resemblance to that of parrots, widely grown in south India. Seasoned from May to July.
Chaunsa : This variety of mango was made popular by Sher Shah Suri. Chaunsa is widely regarded as the best mango in terms of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp and high nutritional value. This is cultivated in the south and some parts in the north. Seasoned in late July to Late August.
Neelam : One can recognize this mango by its bright yellow pulp. The neelam is grown predominantly in the South Indian states of TN, AP and Karnataka. Neelam Mangoes are known for their beautiful shape, taste and divine floral aroma. The Neelam is a popular choice and is renowned for its availability. Seasoned in June.

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