Parigi TSRTC Conductors rudeness irkes commuters

Parigi TSRTC Conductors rudeness irkes commuters

Rude behaviour of the VikarabadParigi RTC bus service TS07UA2082 conductor has been condemned by commuters Some girl students boarded the bus on Wednesday


Parigi: Rude behaviour of the Vikarabad-Parigi RTC bus service (TS07UA2082) conductor has been condemned by commuters. Some girl students boarded the bus on Wednesday. The conductor, who boarded it at Mannepalli, on seeing the bus passes doubted whether the girls are going to college or on a fun trip and tried to make the student alight the bus.

He lied that the pass was not valid to travel to Naskal. However, enquiries made by students later at the bus pass counter in Parigi revealed that the pass is very much valid.

When the student sought to know the rationale behind his rude behavior, he ordered one of the students to alight bus. He refused to give ticket to the students when she demanded for one. However, the student did not yield. At last the conductor gave her the ticket at Chitampally. When the students confronted the conductor with the official version, he refused to admit his fault and on the other hand, declared that to behave rudely towards the customers is his style of functioning. --

When The Hans India made enquiries with the staff, it was revealed that there are two routes to travel to Vikarabad from Parigi via Naskal and via Manneguda, the officials told this correspondent that the students can travel on the two routes. When this correspondent sought clarification from Parigi RTC depot manager, he evaded a direct reply without even trying to know what has happened and directed the correspondent to contact manager at Vikarabad. Several have been appealing to the officials to take action against the ‘rude’ conductor.

BY Mohammad Wajeed

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