Modi should respect his position

Modi should respect his position

The editorial Modis election speeches unappealing THI 28 November has rightly said that it is unbecoming of Modi who holds the PMs chair to use harsh...

The editorial "Modi's election speeches unappealing" (THI 28 November) has rightly said that it is unbecoming of Modi who holds the PM's chair to use harsh language against his political opponents. Even in the states ruled by his party he is unstoppable and it shows the nervousness against those who are fighting against his party. In last four years, Modi has rarely visited the two Telugu States, still has mastered the art of lying before the crowd with his mask who have been brought to listen to his speech.

However, when he sometimes when he gets own coins back, he plays victim by twisting the words used by opposition leaders. No wonder, when Modi can use such language against opposition, his party spokesperson and others have gone to very low level. One hopes he would learn from his predecessor Dr Singh who has advised him to show restraint at least for the sake of his office held by him. - N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

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