Bullet train project: No compromise on 'quality and parameters'

Bullet train project: No compromise on quality and parameters

The training institute, being made in Vadodaras Lal Bagh area as part of the MumbaiAhmedabad HighSpeed Rail MAHSR project, has completed 1520 per cent and is ensuring that India doesnt have to compromise on quality and parameters in the project

Vadodara (Gujarat): The training institute, being made in Vadodara's Lal Bagh area as part of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) project, has completed 15-20 per cent and is ensuring that India doesn't have to compromise on "quality and parameters" in the project.

During a visit to the location site of the training institute, Tarun Kathhpadia, Executive Team Leader, Japan International Consultants for Transportation Co. Ltd. (JIC), told ANI, "This is the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed project's training center - heart of the bullet train project. The Japanese government is funding us and will give their technology to us. Later, the Japanese trainers will come here and will train us how to run the bullet trains besides highlighting other technical aspects."

"Bullet train will run at 350km/hr speed. We have to ensure that in India also the bullet train runs with the same quality and parameters at which it runs in Japan. JIC is the supervising consultant. They are here to ensure that the work is done at the best quality, on time and under proper security measures. This institute project has been divided into three parts - TI 1, TI 2 and TI 3. We will give training to around 4,000 people here," he added.

On behalf of Japan, Kikuo Watanabe is looking after the training institute project. He said, "We have faced a lot of problem due to the monsoon and other situation recently. But, thankfully now we have a good weather here and the progress is going on in full swing.
Meanwhile, the terminal hub for the project in Vadodara will be designed on the theme of 'banyan tree,' said Pradeep Ahirkar, Chief Project Manager, Vadodara.

"The bullet train's track will be higher by 23 metre (70 feet) compared to the existing conventional railway tracks," Ahirkar said.

The bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai will run a total length of 508 km, of which 21 km will be covered in the tunnel under sea.

The cost of the tunnel is estimated at Rs 3,500 crores.

The cost of the total train project is Rs 1.10 trillion, and Japan is giving a loan of Rs. 88,000 crores for the same at a minimal interest of 0.1 per cent, which has to be repaid over 50 years.

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