Have a fruitilicious year!

Have a fruitilicious year!

Much before man had invented cultivation and agriculture, the fruit was the food that the pre-historic man survived on. A newborn baby is first fed...

Much before man had invented cultivation and agriculture, the fruit was the food that the pre-historic man survived on. A newborn baby is first fed mothers milk and then fruit. Fruits contain natural sugar and fibre and some fruits even contain nuts – like apricot has almonds and cashew fruit has cashew, which gives us fat and protein along with a large number of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and plant phytochemicals that boost immunity.

Fruits are highly alkaline and prevent acidity thus making them easily digestible. When you eat a fruit you feel a cleansing effect in your blood and digestive tract as the organic acid present in fruits immediately refreshes and energises you.

One thing to keep in mind when consuming fruits is they are optimally used by the body when they are eaten raw, ripe and uncooked. When we cook fruits, we tend to lose the best portions of the nutrients, salts and carbohydrates present in the fruit. It is best to eat seasonal and regional fruits as this would mean the produce that you’re eating is best nutrition-wise.

Indian medicine always believed in seasonal eating as Mother Nature has designed each food to immunise you according to the season. Seasonal foods have fewer chemicals and preservatives thus maximising the nutrient value. Eating unseasonal fruits will have severe negative effects on your body, for example, a watermelon in winter will give you a cold.

The best way to eat a fruit is in the morning before breakfast and after drinking water. This aids digestion and prevents acidity and constipation. Fruit can be consumed an hour before you eat anything or three hours after. Certain fruits like pineapple, coconut and pomegranate can be eaten alongside food.

Bananas and apples are best eaten before noon. Bananas contain serotonin, which is produced naturally in your body as the sun rises and aids in boosting your energy. Apples contain pectin that is very difficult to digest post noon thus creating bloat, flatulence and constipation.

Watermelon and the entire melon family must not be eaten with any other fruit or food as it can cause bloating, indigestion and flatulence. If you are feeling constipated then skip apple and pomegranate, whereas for loose motions eat these fruits. Omit the melon family entirely if you are gaseous. To prevent colds eat bananas and raw guavas and avoid melons, chickoos, bananas and sugarcane at night.

A few things we should remember is firstly five per cent of your diet should be fruits and depending on your sugar levels should you monitor your fruit consumption. If you are diabetic then do not mix any fruit with food. All should avoid fruit with any dairy products, milk or curd. Stay away from fruit juices as they lack fibre and only give you a sugar rush. Avoid mixing fruits and vegetable juices.

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