Tantra is science

Tantra is science

He is referred to as the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation and providentially light was a common refrain throughout the conversation I had with him in...

He is referred to as the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation and providentially “light’’ was a common refrain throughout the conversation I had with him in a spacious corner of a plush new star hotel in Hyderabad where he sat ensconced by followers.

“When there is total darkness and just a spot of light, what do you see? He asks pointing out with a smile that dispelling the darkness of ignorance through illumining knowledge is what the guru does. Yogi Ashwini who propounded the Santana kriya as an assimilation of the eight limbs or Ashtanga Yoga of Sage Patanjali is an unconventional guru who believes that knowledge gained through experience in the presence of a guru and put into action alone is true knowledge or “Gyan”.

The Delhi-based guru who has an Honours degree in economics, a Masters in management and a successful construction business says he spent many years in the Himalayas before he returned to spread the knowledge of Sanatan kriya propounded by him. Reluctant to reveal the name of his guru, he says the ill health of a family member sent him looking for answers to many questions that plagued him.

“One of the learned persons I met during my search suggested that I should ‘feed a hundred people’. I took up charitable causes and karmic bonds lead me to my guru. I was discovered by my guru,” he points out. Adept in the ancient sciences of Yoga, tantra, spiritual healing, the science of havans, past life visitations and martial arts including the ‘Art of Mace’, he speaks to audiences across the world about a wide range of issues pertaining to spirituality and Vedic culture. His research on anti-ageing and miracles wrought by the powers of awakened consciousness are mentioned in the many books that he has written, and his techniques are purportedly adopted by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Mumbai.

Yoga is about “Chitta vrritti nirodah’’ or quelling thoughts emerging in the mind to achieve a state of equanimity and has nothing to do with the widely publicised asanas according to him. “Creation emerged from stillness. The ultimate power of Yoga is to gather that stillness inside because stillness is the ultimate strength,” he says. The different methods taught in the Sanatana Kriya workshop result in what is known as “Tatva Shuddhi” a cleansing of the five elements within our bodies which can cause radiance and take you to a pure state of consciousness where thought gets manifested effortlessly.

Typically, he attributes the many miracles that he has written about, to the experiences of his followers who are with him because of Karmic bonds. “As you sow, so you reap,” he says attributing the theory of Karma to all experiences good and bad that mark our life’s journey. “If you look around, everything that you have or seek to have comes with an expiry date.

It is bound to leave and when it leaves, it leaves you with pain,” says the guru, who believes awakening consciousness is the only way to escape the clutches of desire that generally relate to the five issues of wealth, marriage, friends, health and position and bind us. “One can see light only when the veil of maya is removed,” he reiterates.

The Dhyan Foundation formed in 2002 with centres across the world is said to be solely run on contributions from volunteers. It runs schools for street children and the underprivileged and manages 35 goshalas along with shelters for dogs, monkeys and birds all over the country apart from other community-related activities. Yogi Ashwini’s disciples are said to be managing a goshala in Australia too.

The guru, who ascribes mob attacks in the cow vigilante violence witnessed in the northern parts of the country to the work of an organised mafia, believes that they are being instigated by certain politicians with vested interests and have nothing to do with animosity between Hindus and Muslims as being propagated.

The rise of illegal slaughterhouses and the cruelty shown to animals in violation of laws of the country are indeed a matter of grave concern. “The Al Kabeer slaughterhouse is owned by Hindus. Ankit Kapoor, the owner of a Delhi-based meat company was caught a couple of months ago trying to export a consignment of beef worth 1.2 crore. The point is that Hindu or Muslim no community can take the law into their hands. We need better law enforcement and awareness among our citizens,’’ he avers.

Dispelling negative connotations of tantra Yogi Ashwini says, “Tantra is a science, a way that liberates. It is a combination of two words, ‘tanothi’ and ‘yantrayati’, which stand for expansion and liberation. A combination of syllables as designed by our ancients has the consequence of calling the energies in the universe to come to our aid. Saints like Aurobindo and Ramakrishna Paramhamsa practised it.” Having robust health and balance, a knowledge that stems from experience, being free from the clutches of Maya and possessing Siddhas are qualities that help identify a true guru according to him.

Those bound by worldly illusions are merely masquerading as gurus, he says in reply to a question about the many fake godmen who have come under the scanner in recent times. So, what is his life’s purpose? “Evolution, which leads to experiencing what is, and going beyond,” he answers. That, in essence, is the light shorn by him.

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