Google Photos to get these new features

Google Photos to get these new features

Google is working to add several latest features to its app Google Photos

The internet search giant Google is all set to add several latest features to its app Google Photos, said David Lieb, Google Photos' product lead on Twitter. On Twitter Lieb asked Google Photos users to share the changes they would like to see on the photo sharing/storing app and when the users shared their views, he also confirmed which all features were actually coming to Google Photos.

Recently added photos to be easily accessible

The web version of the platform already has got this feature. Leib confirmed that the ability to search for recently added photos on the platform is "coming soon if not already available."

The editable timestamp on Android

At present, using a computer or an iOS device one can change the date and time stamps for photos and videos, but according to Lieb, soon this feature will be enabled for Android users too.

Manual face tags

Leib said the option to manually tag a user's face in Google Photos is "definitely on the roadmap." Currently, the platform only offers users the option to untag a picture when they feel it has not been tagged correctly.

Share pet pictures with partner

Google Photos has got a choice to create Partner sharing albums and very soon the platform will enable users to spontaneously add their pet's pics to the shared album.

Delete pictures from the album on Android

A user raised an issue that the Android app doesn't have an option where they can delete the album while browsing the pics in the app, Leib told the "team is on it."

Add favourites in a shared album

Confirming with "that's in the works" Leib told users will soon have an option where they can add an image to favourites in a shared album.

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