Beware Of 'Corona' Malware

Beware Of Corona Malware

We are all already experiencing the Coronavirus… But have you seen the ‘Corona malware’??? Yes!

We are all already experiencing the Coronavirus But have you seen the 'Corona malware'??? Yes! Amidst the corona fever, everyone is sitting at home and are working from home.

And to all the hackers as well, it is free time! So, some hackers are creating malware and trojans to hack the systems. Be it messages, emails WhatsApp messages, the Government is creating awareness among the people about the deadly symptoms and prevention measures of this novel virus.

But this has become an easy way for a few hackers to enter the systems. Many of them are creating the same templates such as Government ones and mimicking them in clip arts and posters. They are attaching trojans, virus and other malware to those messages and are sharing in social media and WhatsApp.

So, we request people to be aware of this type of malware. Strictly don't open the unknown mails and messages. Or else one click will completely hack your system and steal your data. If you find such malware in your system, then scan and remove them from your system through the safety anti-virus software.

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