Google Banned These Three Malicious Android Apps; Delete Now

Google Banned These Three Malicious Android Apps; Delete Now

Google Banned These Three Malicious Android Apps; Delete Now


These Google-banned apps allegedly stole personal information, including user login information and even payment details. If you still have these apps installed on your phone, this is what to do.

After a massive crackdown on dangerous apps that saw Google ban up to 150 apps recently, the company has now banned more apps from the Google Play Store to protect users downloading apps like these from its store. At Google I / O this year, the company had revealed that there are 3 billion Android devices currently active and removing these apps will benefit users who may have been tricked into using them.

These three apps that were banned from the Google Play Store were using shady tactics to trick users into parting with their personal information and money. The security company Kaspersky detected these applications and stated that the Facebook login mechanism was used to trick users into separating themselves from their information.

The "Login with Facebook" button in various web services and applications is used to quickly authenticate users and allow them to use a service without having to create another username and password and is used by popular services such as Spotify and Tinder. However, according to the security company, these applications used login details to steal login credentials and access users' personal information.

Google Banned Apps List

The names of the prohibited applications are "Magic Photo Lab - Photo Editor", "Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor" and "Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021". These apps have been banned from the Play Store.

How to stay safe from these apps banned by Google

Users who have downloaded these apps will need to manually remove them from their phones, and ideally, they should also change their Facebook login details.

Users can use popular photo editing applications and now download any suspicious applications to keep their data safe and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. During the download, be very careful and check the language in the Google Play Store regarding the application and see if there are any grammatical and factual errors. Try to verify the credentials as much as possible of all the applications you download. Remember, they may look legitimate, but they may not be at all. The responsibility lies with the user.

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