Netflix Ends Apple Billing for Legacy Subscribers

Netflix Ends Apple Billing for Legacy Subscribers

Netflix transitions grandfathered iTunes subscribers to a direct payment method, marking the end of an era for some long-time users.

Netflix has officially announced that it will no longer support billing through Apple iTunes for long-time subscribers. Instead, these subscribers must now pay Netflix directly using a credit or debit card. Momo Zhao, a Netflix representative, confirmed to The Verge that this change applies to all basic plan members who previously used iTunes as their payment method.

For subscribers who have enjoyed the old $9.99 price for years, this marks the end of an era. They will now have to adapt to a price increase or opt for a cheaper plan with advertisements. This transition highlights the evolving landscape of streaming services and their pricing models.

The decision to end billing through Apple follows a history of contention between Netflix and the tech giant. Despite Apple introducing in-app subscription options in 2010, Netflix only adopted them in 2015 due to disagreements over Apple's revenue cut. Eventually, in late 2018, Netflix ceased offering in-app subscriptions altogether, signalling a definitive shift in its payment strategy.

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