Adilabad: Congress would see the end of BRS government, says Bhatti

CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka

Bhatti Vikramarka(File Photo)


Warns the Chief Minister KCR against the seizing of poor people’s lands under various pretexts

Hyderabad: Continuing his padayatra which has now entered third month, Congress Legislature Party leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka has warned that the old grand party will see the end of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi government in Telangana.

In the meeting at Gaggalapalli, Bhatti repeatedly warned the Chief Minister KCR against the seizing of poor people’s lands under various pretexts. “We will restore the lands taken by your government back to the poor in accordance with law,” was Bhatti’s promise to the people who had gathered in large numbers to hear him.

Bhatti said that it was wicked on the part of the BRS government to block 200 acres of land given to Dalits and tribal people in Survey No 183 of Gaggalapalli village under Dharani. He said that the CM KCR had promised to give three acres of land to each Dalit soon after the TRS formed the government. Not only has the chief minister failed to fulfill the promise but was also downright evil in taking back the lands given to the poor by the previous Congress governments. He condemned the taking back of assigned lands given to the poor to allot them to ‘Vaikuntha Dhamams’(cremation grounds) and the Haritha Haram (afforestation) programme. The Congress Party after coming to power will distribute these lands again to the poor as per the law, he stated.

He also said that the wealth of the rich state of Telangana has been looted during the BRS tenure. Despite the statehood of Telangana being achieved after a long struggle, the unemployed are languishing without jobs, the poor without homes and old people without pensions. The hardships of various sections of people were heartrending, he lamented.

Recalling the welfare-oriented administration of the Congress government, the CLP leader said while under the Congress government, nine essential commodities used to be distributed through fair price shops, the BRS government cut out all the items with the exception of rice. It failed to complete even one irrigation project in nearly 10 years and did not even dig canals to take water to the fields from irrigation projects. Farmers in Gaggalapalli village suffered losses as no irrigation facility could be extended to about 2,500 acres and KCR was the main reason for it, Bhatti criticized.

Does not the local MLA have the responsibility of providing irrigation facility to farmers in his constituency by completing the canals, he questioned.

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