Hyderabad: Calls growing shriller against Covid tune

Calls growing shriller against Covid tune

Calls growing shriller against Covid tune


Even as they were distressed by deluge-like situation, people in need were further harried by it

Hyderabad: Already besieged by a flood of woes following torrential rains recently in the city, people in desperation were annoyed by the half minute caller tone, advising them to take a number of Covid-19 prevention precautions. However noble the intent is, the tune struck a jarring note to many.

"During the time of emergency, people expect urgent help from their near and dear, but every time they are forced to hear a caller tone regarding Covid-19 information. It is really pathetic," bemoans Abul Fatah Syed Bandagi Badshah Quadri, a resident of Malakpet, who cited several examples of such irritation to people during the heavy rains.

With their inundated, vehicles submerged and many people missing, people tried to desperately reach out to their relatives, friends or officials. They had to bear with vexing delay of over 30 seconds with the same familiar message.

In times such as these, the lengthy Covid-19 caller tune really made things difficult for them, said C Vinod Kumar, a resident of Manikonda. In a few moments, several houses collapsed under the impact of heavy rains and lanes were flooded.

It was a disaster and precious time was lost listening to the monotonous tone again and again, with all telecom services replacing the normal call tunes with Covid tune.

At least in emergencies, the telecom operators should be allowed by the government to temporarily take off the caller tune, as time and tide wait for none, laments Mohammed Imam Tahseen, a social activist.

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