Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 33 Highlights

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu 


The episode started with Shannu imitating Sreeram and laughing with Jessie and Sreeram.

The episode started with Shannu imitating Sreeram and laughing with Jessie and Sreeram. Priya asks why Shannu has been behaving bad with him and Ravi says that Shannu has been hurting him by saying various things. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to protect their coins and he will count them tomorrow. Sreeram says that he made it clear what the housemates should do now.

Priyanka gets a video message from her father saying that he totally understand her and will always love her no matter the gender. He added that he will accept her with open arms no matter what. Priyanka gets emotional and cries thanking her father. The housemates consoles her and wishes her on her birthday. Priyanka's brother sends a saree as a gift to her.

Maanas and Kajal are seen talking about who will win and how will be the task. Maanas says that he is the highest with 188 coins. The next day started with the housemates dancing to 'Dakko Dakko Meka' song. Sreeram and Ravi thinks about the strategies to win. Sunny asks Sreeram not to read the count he wrote. Sreeram asks him not tell what he has to do. Sreeram and Sunny gets into an argument. Bigg Boss asks housemates about their individual count.

Sunny 30, Maanas 240, Jessie 209, Shannu 220, Anne 176, Hamida 60, Viswa 10, Seeeram 52, Ravi 50. Bigg Boss asks the housemates that they can support another prince and can change teams and this will be the final time. Ravi wins with more villagers on his side and becomes the first captaincy contender. His people organise a coronation event for him.

Ravi thanks Shannu and the latter gave a weird look and walks away. Ravi asks why is he angry and he just walks away saying that he is not. Ravi, Anne, Sunny etc are seen talking and Anne says that Shannu, Jessie and Siri are taking the game too personally and are carrying the emotions and behave like they want only one from the trio to win.

Bigg Boss announces that Ravi can take control of Sunny's peoples coins too and can announce 3 captaincy contenders from his people. Siri, Kajal, Shannu and Jessie says that everything went into vain. Shannu says that he doesn't want to see Sreeram or Hamida as a captain and he cannot tolerate them. Ravi says that Anne, Swetha and Hamida are the contenders.

Bigg Boss says that Priya will get an opportunity to become a captaincy contender if any one of the 4 contenders give up the task. Ravi willingly gives up for Priya. But Hamida convinces that she will give up as Priya lost the chance because of her. Bigg Boss gives captaincy task and the contenders have to protect water from their tanks. Shannu is the sanchalak.

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