Bhedaghat: A place where tranquility meets serenity

Bhedaghat: A place where tranquility meets serenity

Exploring a place has always been a traveller’s delight. Either It’s a mountain, or a beach, or the narrow lanes that lead to the greatest wonders, a true wandering traveler never wishes to skip any of these.

Exploring a place has always been a traveller's delight. Either It's a mountain, or a beach, or the narrow lanes that lead to the greatest wonders, a true wandering traveler never wishes to skip any of these. Let's take some busy moments from our life to enjoy such scenic serene places. Most of us have a craving to go abroad for seeing new places, deciphering new cultures, relishing different cuisines. But, wait today we are going to explore a place in our own motherland, India. Of course, we all know about Madhya Pradesh, the heart of incredible India but have you ever heard of the place 'Bhedaghat'. The name sounds a little beauty in a peculiar way. Strikes a chord in a true globetrotter's heart. Makes u look forward to exploring the name and the place.

'Bhedaghat' is basically a town situated by the side of the Narmada River with an approximate distance of 20 km from Jabalpur. Narmada river is one of the 7 sacred rivers and of course, you can take a holy dip in the river and try to cut through any sin you have committed as mythology says. Bhedaghat is famous for high marble rocks which cut their way through the Narmada river thereby making a valley. Sounds interesting as first we kind of imagine how high marble rocks look like and then in our mind the whole dynamics of imagination takes the driving seat.

Visualising the water flowing through the Narmada river making a valley and falling from a height gives a joy that nothing can beat. That is not all to it. You might have heard of milky falls or Dhuandhar falls. If not, you surely are missing a beautiful location to relax with your loved ones. But before we visit the falls, we find a small market at the entrance which can be seen shops selling products made of marbles. Products are so lucrative so enchanting that one can't stop themselves from buying them. You will find statues of gods, animal sculptures designs carved on marbles to beautify your home's interiors or you can even get the names of your loved ones carved on such marble structures. If you are a fan of cricket and Our captain Virat is playing the knock of his life, we often hear commentators shouting 'kya dhuandhar ballebaji' but in Bhedaghat you got 'Dhuandhar' waterfalls. They are also known as milky fall. The waterfalls from a height create a smoke-like appearance with a growling sound. The place where tranquility meets serenity.

Once you are done with this sightseeing there are the ropeways above the falls. If you want to check out such a large fall from every angle there's the ropeway that keeps you thrilled with the wide range of panoptic it provides.

Further your eyes get hooked on a place where two cliffs have a narrow gap between them. This place is better known as Panchavatti. Here we can see a somewhat H-like structure where both the rock cliffs stand parallel and water forms a bar making it look like H.

Where there is water, obviously boats will be there for the excursion. Now people may wonder what is unique about boating. The boats take you around the cliffs where you can see marble rocks of different colours which are raw and purely organic. You can even see a red marble stone or a blue one.

Another feather in the boat trip which your ought might not miss out on. The ferry men's narration about the structures carved on the marble rocks. You can hear them narrating with correlation to Bollywood movies and actors which keeps you hooked to listening to them and enjoying your boat ride along. Suddenly as you are enjoying the scenic beauties your imagination gets distracted with words like pachaas rupaiya jump or sau rupaiya jump. You turn around and you see small kids ages between 9-12 years who are putting their lives at stake by jumping from these 100 feet rocks into the water which is 1250 feet in depth.

While we are encapsulated in the beauty of the place, you can see monkeys making leaps from one rock to another. Hence another feather in your travel itinerary in the name of 'Bunder kudni'.

There's something for everyone. If you are a religious person then obviously you don't want to miss the 10th-century temple dedicated to 64 yoginis known as Chausath Yogini Temple. This is believed to be the dwelling unit of the great goddess and her female yoginis. You must take a flight of 150 steps as it is located atop a hillock.

The place owes a lot to the entertainment industry as well. Lots of popular movies which include Ashoka, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, Mohanjadaro, Mujhe Jeene Do and many more have been shot against the marvelous and marbled backdrop of Bhedaghat.

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