Centenary celebrations of Dr. Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastri were held in Bengaluru by CP Brown Seva Samithi

Centenary celebrations of  Dr. Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastri were held in Bengaluru by CP Brown Seva Samithi

Some celebrations go beyond regional boundaries and rightfully so! Bound by their love for Telugu literature and language, few scholars and poets of...

Some celebrations go beyond regional boundaries and rightfully so! Bound by their love for Telugu literature and language, few scholars and poets of Bangalore came together to commemorate the golden jubilee birth Centenary celebrations of 'Abhinava Nannayya, Kalaprapoorna, Dr.Madhunapantula Satynarayana Sastri under the aegis of C.P.Brown Seva Samithi, Bangalore, which reached the tenth year of its inception in service of Literature.

On March 7, at Sri krishnadevaraya Kala Mandiram, Vyalikaval, the celebrations also included the felicitation of Prof. Tangirala Venkata Subbarao. Prof.Asha Jyothi, HOD Telugu Department, Bangalore University, Prof GS Mohan, former HOD of Telugu Dept, Bangalore University and Ambika Ananth, a bi-lingual poet and author were also present for the ocassion.

The event was inaugurated by Dr.A Radhakrishna Raju, President, Telugu Vignana Samithi and moderated by Idamakanti Lakshmi Reddy, President of C.P.Brown Seva Samithi.

Dr.Madhunapantula Satynarayana Sastri, scholar, litterateur Madhunapantula, in the year 1939, founded a literary organisation called 'Andhra Kutiram' at Pallipalem. He started monthly literary magazine Andhri at the age of 19 years and maintained it more than a decade with high standards. His first literary work was Thoranamu in 1938.

He worked on the ambitious lexicon project of Suryaraya Andhra Nighantuvu of Surya Rau Bahadur of Pithapuram between 1940 and 1944. He wrote Parivabhyudaya Kavyam, Ratna Panchalika, Shaddarsana Sangrahamu, Surya Saptati and published them with the financial assistance from the Maharajah.

He worked as Senior Telugu pandit from 1946 in Rajahmundry in Viresalingam Theistic High School and worked for three decades till his retirement in 1977. He wrote biographical details of about 100 Telugu writers named Andhra Rachayitalu in 1950. His magnum opus was 'Andhra Puranamu' in 1954, which was recognised by great writers of that era like Viswanatha, Malladi etc. It procured him Andhra Pradesh Sahitya Akademi Award in 1966. Some of his works are translated to Hindi.

During the World Telugu Conference in 1975, A.P.Sahitya Akademi published his 'Telugulo Ramayanalu' He passed away on the 7 November 1992 at Rajahmundry.

His literary works include, 'Toranam', Saddarsana Sangraham, Ratna Panchalika,Surya Saptati (on Sun god) Andhra Rachayitalu, Andhra Puranam, Bodhi Vriksham ( tenets of non-violence ).Shri Khandamu, Telugu Ramayanalu ( analysis of many Ramayanas in Telugu) Sadashiva Panchasika and many more invaluable works of high merit.

He was awarded with Sahitya Akademy Award by the A.P Govt, 'Kalaprapoorna title ( PhD honoris causa ) by Andhra University, Andhra Kalhana, Sahiti Samrat etc. ( reference Wikipedia )

Radhakrishna Raju, President of Telugu Vignana Samithi in his speech said that 'Sri Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastri garu was appreciated by two Narayanas' – two Jnanapeeth Awardees – Sri Viswanatha Satyanarayana and Dr.C.Narayana Reddy. It was a point well received by the audience.

Prof. Asha Jyothi, in her speech said that the great Telugu poet was praised by literary critics as –'a modern writer in Classical period and a classical writer in modern period' – such was his literary prowess. His Andhra Puranamu is one of the historical pancha kavyas. She also mentioned apart from all his great literary works,

Prof. GS Mohan, said that he had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the versatile Scholar, literary historian and renowned poet Kalaprapoorna Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastri in a National Seminar on Sri Kandukuri Veereshalingam Panthulu in 1987 at Rajahmundry. Even much before that in 1980, he wrote a letter to Sri Madhunapantula to enlighten him about Mahamahopadhyaya Dr.Chilukuri Narayana Rao, the very first PhD in Telugu, and Madhunapantula was happy to respond immediately and sent him an article on Dr. Chilukuri Narayana Rao which he had penned in his work -Andhra Rachayithalu'. Prof Mohan also mentioned how Madhunapantula called his historical work ( Itihasam ) as Puranam - Andhra Puranam saying that Palkurki Somanna of the 12th century called his work - the history of Basaveshwara as ' Basava Puranam'. Prof Mohan also mentioned that some of the literary pieces from works like "Andhra Rachayithalu' and "Andhra Puranam" are incorporated in Telugu text books and that one PhD and two MPhil Degrees were awarded for thesis on Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastri. Prof. Mohan expressed that it is a matter of joy and pride that very recently ie on 4.3.2020, Prof. Sikhamani's book 'Nooru Sarattula Madhunapantula' was released in Pallepalem of East Godavari.

Ambika Ananth in her speech appreciated the very concept of celebrating and commemorating the memory of great writers like Dr.Madhunapanthula whose treasured works remain timeless and precious. She said that 'every significant work of art or literature creates its own world' and that it expands its expanse to remain ever new with literary appeal and significance shining as a beacon light. She offered her accolades to the memory of the great poet and savant.

In the words of Prof.Tangirala Subbarao, "Sri Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastry (1920-1992) belonged to the age of Neo-classical poetry. A great soul, who had his literary achievements from an early age of 18, he founded a literary journal of high standard, wrote poetry, prose, criticism and translations. His Magnum Opus poetry is 'Andhra Puranamu', a chronological history that brought him the Andhra Sahitya Academy Award in 1966. He had also an honorary doctorate as 'Kala Prapoorna' by Andhra University in 1982. A great scholar, he was trained under Mahendravada Subbaraya Sastry in Sanskrit plays, Alankara Sastra (Aesthetics) and 'Siddhantha Kaumudi (Sanskrit grammar). His poetic talent was honoured with the titles "Sahithi Samrat" and "Andhra Kalhana". One can also find the traits of great classical poets in Telugu like Nannaya and Srinatha in Madhunapantulu's poetry.

After the speeches, Prof. Tangirala Venkata Subbarao was felicitated in a most befitting manner and was awarded the C.P.Brown Memorial Life Achievement Award.

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