Gearing up for a power packed role

Evelyn Sharma the actress, who was known for her role Lara in the movie 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' is all set to showcase her action filled performance in 'Saaho'

It's been an amazing journey so far and I am enjoying every bit of it. When I started off my career in Bollywood I was excited with what the industry had to offer. Lara from 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' was definitely a breakthrough moment for me so it will always be special for me," shares Evelyn, who went on to do a bunch of other films before bagging a plum role in the mega film 'Saaho'. My fans will always remember me as the 'Sunny Sunny' girl after they saw me in the catchy number "Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani" from my movie 'Yaariyan'. Well, now I hope they will also remember me as Babli from my new item song in the movie "Kissebaaz" that just released! Currently, I'm finishing up shoot and am waiting for the release of my first action film 'Saaho' with superstar Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and many more awesome colleagues from the Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu film industries."

On asking her about how she was offered the movie 'Saaho' she shares, "I had always wanted to be part of an action role, and I feel extremely flattered that our director Sujeeth saw this strength in me as an actress, to pull off such a demanding role in such a major film. Even though my role is kept so tightly under wraps and I'm not allowed to speak much about it, I can tell you that this movie allowed me to really kick butt."

Giving a little detail about the movie she shares, "Of course, I can't tell you more than you see in the teasers. All characters and twists are kept well under wraps and our brilliant director Sujeeth has not told any actor more than their role requires. No spoiler alerts allowed! We want the audience to thoroughly enjoy this exciting suspense film! 'Saaho' is probably one of the biggest trilingual action films, ever made in India. All of us have worked extremely hard toward our contribution as actors in this movie. I myself can't wait to see the film now."

She worked really hard for her role. She says, "I did train very hard to fit my role and you know the shoot for the film has been on for months and months. One of my favourite schedules was, of course, Abu Dhabi. It was a fantastic experience as well to work with Kenny Bates who has amazed the audience with his action sequences in Hollywood hits like 'Transformers', 'Mission Impossible', Rush Hour and so many more"

Sharing her about her experience working with her co-star Prabhas in the film she says, "I have worked with many actors in the past and Prabhas has been nothing but a gentleman. That's how you realise he's a superstar for only the best reasons. He is super fun to be around and at least for me, it's been an absolute pleasure to work with him on set, I would love to work with him again and again."

Being famously known for her roles in Hindi films Evelyn did struggle with the Telugu language, "Telugu isn't a language I ever spoke before, but I have always loved to learn new things. I believe 'Saaho' gave me the opportunity to do exactly that on so many levels and I always give a new challenge my hundred per cent."

Mentioning about the stunts she performed and the training she received she shares, "'Saaho' is all about the action and this is why a lot of special training was required. For the first time in my career did I ever have to physically prepare myself with so many new skills from gun shooting to racing cars. It was an absolute joy. I used to feel shy like a little baby bird but now I feel tough like a lioness. I would love to do more action films and stunts myself."

Regarding her dream role she shares, "A dream role would always be a big musical where I get to sing as well. Something Marylin Monroe like... I simply adore her and her films. You asked me for my DREAM role."

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