Glass skin goals on a budget: Affordable Korean skincare brands to consider

Glass skin goals on a budget: Affordable Korean skincare brands to consider

Glass skin goals on a budget: Affordable Korean skincare brands to consider


Korean glass skin is all abuzz these days. But the looming question is whether it is meant for Indian skin. This article will answer all your questions.

K-drama, K-beauty, and K-fashion—all these ‘K's’ have become the buzzwords people all over the world are chanting. Amongst these, one particular thing that has caught massive attention is K-beauty and what we popularly call as 'glass skin'. South Korean pop icons like BTS, BLACKPINK, and numerous K-drama stars have a big role to play in the popularity of this beauty trend. Inspired by their beauty standards, people all over the world, especially the Indian audience, are caught up in the race to achieve the perfect glass skin, diligently following Korean skincare routines and products.

As fancy and dreamy as glass skin sounds, the majority of people end up believing that following the perfect Korean skincare would cost them a fortune. Putting that misery to rest, the reality is that affordable Korean skincare brands do exist!

Here's a list of affordable Korean skincare brands to consider for Indian skin:

COSRX: First on the list is the hot favourite in the Indian market, COSRX. The supreme quality of products packed with scientifically tested ingredients and a subtle, non-overpowering artificial scent is what makes it the most supported Korean skincare brand. Moreover, their commitment to gentle skincare and a minimalist approach allows their products to speak for themselves.

Laneige: Hydration and relaxation are two core components that Laneige has adhered to since its inception, which have become the strength of the brand, contributing to its widespread popularity. Grounded in water science complexes, Laneige offers renowned skincare products such as the lip sleeping mask, water bank blue hyaluronic cream, and water sleeping mask, among others.

Soonjung: For all those sensitive skin owners out there looking for a Korean skincare brand at an affordable price, Soonjung is for you. Renowned for its exceptionally gentle formulations tailored for sensitive skin types, Soonjung products are enriched with natural ingredients. Their mild moisturisers, creams and other skincare items deliver remarkable results for the skin.

Beauty of Joseon: This Korean skincare brand is committed to crafting pure and efficient skincare solutions utilising traditional ingredients such as rice, mung bean, Korean plum, and more, which provide a soothing and calming experience for the skin. Furthermore, their products adeptly blend the essence of these time-honoured practices with modern trends, delivering a solution that works best for the skin.

Torriden: Having garnered a reputation for their vegan Korean skincare products, Torriden thrives on skincare suitable for all skin types. In particular, their Dive-In Serum has received widespread praise for its capacity to hydrate, revitalise the skin and effectively counteract oxidative stress, making it a favourite among consumers.

Answering the looming question: Is Korean skincare meant for Indian skin?

Indians, in particular, have developed a huge fascination for Korean skincare. However, the looming question is whether it is meant for the Indian skin type or not. While it can complement Indian vanity, it is crucial to consider individual skin needs. Korean skincare emphasises gentle, hydrating products enriched with botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Although Indian skin can benefit from these principles, it is essential to address specific concerns.

Unlike Korea's dry, cold climate, India experiences hotter weather with high humidity and varying levels of air pollution, which greatly impacts the skin's response to different ingredients. Consequently, certain Korean skincare solutions may or may not be suitable for Indian individuals.

It is always best to understand your skin's needs and preferences before committing to any product. And when it comes to Korean skincare, it is ideal to proceed with a trial-and-error approach to figure out what works and what does not work for your skin.

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