Simple styling for petite girls

Simple styling for petite girls

Simple styling for petite girls


Clothing labeled as petite is cut with that proportion in mind

Clothing labeled as petite is cut with that proportion in mind. Compared to standard items, you'll often find narrower shoulders and shorter inseams. So whether you're a size 00 or a size 16, if you're shorter, the petite section is worth a look.

Here are a few best tips and tricks on nailing shorter style.

For bustier petites, balance is key

Fuller petite body types can vary, but overall, celebrating shape is important. For big-busted petites, empire waists are great since they nip you in beneath the bustline. Or, try a fitted top paired with a high-low skirt. This way you've got a fitted base with an outer layer to balance all without sacrificing shape.

Smaller frame? Depending on the brand, don't overlook kids' sizes

Sizing doesn't always make sense, even with retailers that have specific lines for petites. So when shopping, don't look at sizing tags, look at measurements. With some brands, the larger kids sizes are interchangeable with the smaller petite sizes and they often cost less too.

This can also apply to standard sizes

Think about functionality, too. Cropped tops in regular sizing which work perfectly as not-too-long tops on petites. Look for items that look like higher empire-style waists on the models, since those tend to fit like regular dresses on petites.

The same goes for shoes

In this case, both pairs have the exact same measurements around the top the kids' size just isn't as tall. But if you're shorter, this actually means a more proportionate fit. The boots will hit your calves, rather than right below (or at) your knee. More comparison info here.

Use layers to fake a perfect fit

If an item is fine in some spots but too big in others, use layers to strategically cover the latter. More examples of faking fit here.

Get familiar with easy at-home alterations that you can do yourself

Things won't always fit perfectly off the rack, but you can often still make them work with simple DIY alterations. Like this one for slimming sleeves and raising the neckline: two small changes that can make a big difference. Find three ways to do this two of which are beginner-friendly.

At the same time, know when to invest in a professional tailor

It's an added cost, but if you're careful about sticking to classic pieces that you can wear year after year like winter coats, for example you'll find that the investment is worth it.

Cuff long shirts at the elbow.

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