Racing teaches you precision, calculation, planning & execution

Racing teaches you precision, calculation, planning & execution

Demonstrating exceptional talent, Rohaan Madesh, a 16-year-old IB1 student at Canadian International School (CIS), has carved an illustrious path in the realm of Motor Sport

Demonstrating exceptional talent, Rohaan Madesh, a 16-year-old IB1 student at Canadian International School (CIS), has carved an illustrious path in the realm of Motor Sport. His recent achievements stand as a testament to his dedication and skill. Notably, Rohaan made history as the first Indian selected to participate in the inaugural season of F4 held in Chennai. Preparing rigorously for the F4 Championship within the MRF2000 cars series, he clinched multiple podium finishes, a testament to his intensive training and determination. His debut in India’s first F4 season at Sri Perambalur's Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) marked a milestone in his racing career.

Rohaan's ascent in the sport boasts numerous other noteworthy triumphs. His rapid progression in various tournaments underscored his prowess across formats, affirming his exceptional driving skills.

In the year 2023, Rohaan claimed the title of Senior Rotax Max Champion, represents India at the World Finals in Portugal. His performance positioned him as the second fastest qualifier among 76 drivers from 76 different countries. Moreover, his accolades from the previous year included securing the championship in the Meridus Cup and participating in the Rotax International Dubai Oplate.

Rohaan's journey to success began earlier, with significant wins in championships such as the X30 National Championship, where he emerged as the champion in 2021 and secured the position of the second runner-up in the Rotax National Championship of the same year.

The progression of his achievements over the years showcases Rohaan's dedication and commitment to the sport. Notably, his journey commenced in 2017, marked by a podium finish in the Asia Max Championship in Malaysia and earning the title of National Rookie Champion (Mini). This impressive trajectory culminated in Rohaan's current endeavor racing Formula 4 cars after eight years of Karting, spurred by his exposure to F1 racing and European Karting.

Reflecting on his journey, Rohaan emphasizes the invaluable lessons racing has imparted, from enhancing focus and consistency to understanding the intricacies of data analysis and vehicle mechanics. He underscores the demanding physical aspect of racing, requiring high fitness levels encompassing stamina and muscle strength. Rohaan attributes his success not only to his daily exercise regimen and strength training but also to the unwavering support of his family and the encouragement from his peers at school.

Beyond his racing career, Rohaan envisions a future as both a successful entrepreneur and a professional racer. His participation in the ongoing F4 championship in India fuels his determination to continuously improve and excel, striving to better his own performance with each race.

Speaking about Rohaan's achievements, Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bangalore, said: "Rohaan's achievements in motor racing are noteworthy given his very young age. He will scale greater heights in the future as I believe he has the talent, commitment, and passion for the sport. It will be exciting to watch his races this year as he enters a new type of the sport. I wish him the best."

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