What is the territorial army & How to Join It

What is the territorial army & How to Join It

Protecting the country, going to the borders and stirring the teeth to smash the enemies, It is a dream of many young people to be admitted in Indian Army, but many times, due to various reasons, this dream of some people is suppressed.

Protecting the country, going to the borders and stirring the teeth to smash the enemies, It is a dream of many young people to be admitted in Indian Army, but many times, due to various reasons, this dream of some people is suppressed. Since there is also a special age for recruitment in the regular army, which goes out of sight and dream of being a soldier remains pressed in many people's hearts! However, our country's army provides such opportunity once again through its 'Territorial-Wing' to the successful and active people! The Territorial Army/ TA is a unit of the Indian Army, but instead of offering regular service to the trained person, he is prepared for an emergency like a volunteer, without any honorarium or pay scale!

The Territorial Army gives full opportunities to nation service to all the youth of the country! You can play the role of a soldier even by being a common citizen of the country! Promising young people can get involved in the military environment! If you like the challenge, then the Territorial Army gives you the opportunity to become a military officer! But this opportunity is limited to only Indian men and former service officers! They should be fully medical fit!

What is the territorial army

According to the Territorial Army Act, 1948 passed by the Indian Constituent Assembly in September, 1948, territorial army established in October, 1949 in India! The aim of this is to take the responsibility of internal security in the crisis and to provide the unit to the regular army if necessary, and thus provide the opportunity of service to the youth. From all the ordinary workers to the qualified technician, all citizens of India, Can be admitted to this! Age limits are 18 and 35 years, which can be relaxed for veterans and technologists!

Territorial Army is a voluntary part-time civil service! After the regular Indian Army, this is the second army of our defense! This is the way to adopt the army as an amateur for the common citizens of India! This is not a profession, career or a permanent job! For the TA, this concept works that it will be used for deployment of war! As a complement to the resources of the regular army, preparing for this low cost army is concerned with the willing, disciplined and dedicated citizens from every region of the society! Citizens involved in the Territorial Army are given strict training for a short time so that they can become capable soldiers!

As part of the 'Indian Army', the use of Territorial Army is to give relief to the regular army, to support the civil administration! It has been an active role in the wars of 1962, 1965 and 1971! It has been used in earthquakes / cyclones and various expressions too! Apart from Brig KP Singh Deo (Former Cabinet Minister), Capt Rao Virendra Singh (Former Chief Minister of Haryana), famous all-rounder cricketer Kapil Dev and popular actors of South India Mohanlal, Sachin Pilot, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Anurag Thakur have been the pride of the Territorial Army. !


The functions of the TA are:

(1) To free the regular army from static duties and assist the civil administration if necessary.

(2) Protecting the beach and arranging hover units.

(3) Arranging units for regular army if required.

In the period of training and calls to the personnel of TA, salary and allowance of the corresponding post of regular army is given! The civilian employer is essentially required to recruit a retired member to the Civilian post from the Territorial Army, or to his training! In order to encourage the TA personnel to work hard and appreciable, the percentage of vacant posts of the National Defense Force will be reserved for them in the future! After successfully completing training in the National Defense Force, they can be given regular workload in the army!

For the person or officer found in the Territorial Army, serving military service outside the borders of India, if the central government does not have a comprehensive or specific order, then it is not necessary!

Qualifications and service rules

For the post of officer in the Territorial Army, it is necessary for Indian citizens to be men and former army officers (Army, Air Force and Navy)! His age should be between 18 and 42 years on September 15, 2010. They should be recognized university graduate!

Lieutenant status is given when elected as Officer! In the course of training and military service, they get salary and allowances equivalent to regular army officers. According to merit, the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel is given according to time / duration! Colonel and Brigadier have to go through the selection process! It is important that the TA does not provide permanent employment! In this, only part-time (part-time) job is available! Officers selected for 'Infantry' have long-term opportunities!


After getting the battalion, one-month 'recruit training' is given!

After getting commission, 'Basic Military Training' is available for three months before 'Post Commission Training'! This training is given in 'TA Training School'!

Post Commission training is given for three months after 'Basic Military Training'!

Two years' annual 'training camp' in the years after!

How and where to send the application?

Interested citizen candidates can note this with 'Employment News' application form or website www . Indianrmy . Nic . in can be downloaded! With an application form, the 28x12 centimeter size envelope has to be sent along with a stamp of 12 rupees! Send the application form and your address (self-addressed) envelope to the Regional Force Group Head Quarter of your area!

For the applicants of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Chandigarh know - Commander TA Group Headquarters, Western Command, Building No.-750, Sector 8-B, Chandigarh-160018

For Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh, it is known - Commander, TA Group Headquarters, Central Command, Lucknow-2 (Uttar Pradesh).

The address is for Commander, TA Group Headquarters, Southern Command, TA Group Headquarters, Southern Command, Mumbai, Karnataka, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep, Andaman Nicobar Island, Daman-Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Pune-1 (Maharashtra).

It is known for the people of Manipur, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Arunachal - Commander, TA Group Headquarters, Eastern Command, Fort William, Kolkata-21 (West Bengal).

The applications to the ex-officers of the three forces are in the form of Additional DTE General, Territorial Army Staff Branch, IAQ of Mod (Army), 'L' Block, New Delhi-110001. The last date for sending applications is September 15, 2010.

Selection Process

The Screening Preliminary Interview Board (PIB) of Citizen Men's applicants do various TA group headquarters! Successful candidates of PI have to give their brief details! It has to inform the Central Government / Semi Government / Private Firm / your business! Together, you have to write monthly income from all snacks! Successful candidates here have to cross the screening of Service Selection Board (SSB) and Medical!

Screening of the former military officers is done by the Army Headquarters Election Board! Successful candidates only have to go through the process of medical board!

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