Beware, Covid-19 in India, 'tiger' abhi zinda hai!

Beware, Covid-19 in India,

Amidst all out efforts by the ‘lovers’ of Covid-19, the nation has been by and large successful in containing the coronavirus pandemic from playing havoc.

Amidst all out efforts by the 'lovers' of Covid-19, the nation has been by and large successful in containing the coronavirus pandemic from playing havoc. In fact, the anti-national forces whose well-orchestrated tirades were so far limited to Jamia Milia, Shaheenbagh and other smaller pockets, suddenly found an opportunity in the declaration of world-wide medical emergency on account of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. They lost no time to press into 'service' the fanatics of Tablighi Jamat who were brought to the national capital from far and near mainly for the violent agitation under the pretext of CAA-CRR.With the blessings of their godfathers sitting in Pakistan and Gulf countries they hatched a very ambitious plan for creating chaos and civil war like situation in India. Under this new plan, these fanatics were dispatched to all parts of the country to ensure that the pandemic spreads and spreads rapidly. To achieve this sinister goal, they indulged in all sorts of beasty behaviour right from verbal abuse to spitting on the health workers, police and civic body staff and indulging in pelting stones, attacking them with weapons etc.

Added to this, the opposition ruled States instead of cooperating with the Central government by taking appropriate steps to prevent their inhabitants, local and migrant, from coming out of their homes or shelters, encouraged the migrants to come out and in total breach of 'social distancing' norms assemble at bus and rail terminals and State borders. This was a deliberate, premeditated act of sabotage designed and executed by the anti-national, fanatic, separatist and extremist elements aimed at supplementing the sinful acts of Tablighi Jamatis. The result was as expected. Huge crowds of migrant labourers in which 'volunteers' of anti-national forces also joined in large numbers, wantonly and deliberately defied the government's fiat, and caused the speedy wide-spread of the pandemic. By now, the criminal nexus between the Jehadi, terrorist and extremist groups and the opposite political parties ruling some states has been established beyond reasonable doubts and all of them put together need to be prosecuted not only for the criminal offences of conspiring, designing and executing the mass murders of the innocent countrymen but also for sedition. Further, it is high time to enforce vigorously the provisions of recently promulgated the Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 that provides for stringent punishment for the insult of and assault on the healthcare service personnel etc. The authorities should periodically reveal the statistics of the cases booked under the Ordinance to boost the morale of not only the health workers and other government employees but also to heighten the spirits of countrymen and deter other potential offenders.

It is noteworthy to see that despite all the odds, the Central government has not allowed itself to be cowed down and has been actively engaged in the programmes of the wellbeing of people, particularly those without regular income and those living in abject poverty. The response of the restless crestfallen opposition parties and their hands and legs has been not surprising. Right from Mamata Banerjee's pooh-pooh reaction to the Rs 20 lakh crore as "Big Zero" to the playing of different tunes by the Congress, Communist and single or double digit parties in the Parliament have come out in full throat criticising the one of the biggest relief measures in the world for the partisan sake. But the people, an overwhelming population of the country, have by now learnt to read between the lines. In the last two general elections they have given their unequivocal verdict against all those who stand by separatist, terrorist, Jehadi and extremist forces convincingly as a result of which such forces have been reduced to a miniscule minority. The roller coaster has already gained momentum and happily the people, true to the spirit of unity and integrity enshrined in our Constitution, are enjoying the ride.

Therefore, let the divisive forces by whatever names they are called be warned that when the invisible and invincible enemy, called Covid-19 be threatened by the Swadeshi Tiger, they who are on the surface and whose presence and whereabouts are quite known, cannot escape the pounce of the Tiger who is alive and very much on prowl if they didn't mend their ways.

Plain talk by former CJI

In a hard hitting rejoinder to the questions of his critics, the former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, now a member of the Rajya Sabha said that there were some "activist judges" who start raising questions on judiciary immediately after their retirement but keep quiet while in office.

Addressing a webinar organised by the Confederation of Alumni for National Law Universities, Justice Gogoi said that there is another category of judges, who get friendly with lawyers during their work, and one would notice commercial arbitration works flowing to a select few judges after their retirement. He added that the third category of retired judges was those who accept other kinds of assignments. Then, why raise questions to the third category of judges while keeping mum about the other two, he asked.

Citing a report by Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy released in 2016 that underlined that 70 of 100 retired justices of the Constitutional courts, got one or the other assignment, Justice Gogoi opined that if a judge is true to his functions, post-retirement work is okay.

TS HC: Massive testing not viable

The Telangana High Court on May 14 declined to direct the State government to conduct Covid-19 tests on a massive scale as it would be a huge financial burden on the exchequer and added that forcing people to undergo tests without their consent would be a direct infringement of their rights. Alternatively, the bench comprising Justice M S Ramachandra Rao and Justice K Lakshman suggested that those willing to get themselves checked could be allowed to do so by getting the test done in private hospitals at their own costs.

The reasons of financial constraints and insufficient supply of testing kits for blanket denial of massive testing for Covid-19 appear to be reasonable. However, one wonders when the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 is in force how a citizen can refuse the Covid-19 test taking spacious plea of fundamental rights, particularly when the Constitution of India itself puts a ceiling on the extent to which the fundamental rights could be exercised.

BCI on black and white

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has issued an administrative order dated May 13 which says that considering the medical advice and also the circular of even date issued by the apex court, all advocates may presently wear plain white shirt/white salwar kameez/white saree with plain white neck band until further orders. According to the order no Coats or Gowns/Robes are required to be worn while appearing before "all the High Courts and all other courts, tribunals, commissions and all other forums."

SC stays verdict on Gujarat Law Minister

The Supreme Court stayed the Gujarat High Court judgement nullifying the 2017 election of BJP leader Bhupendrasinh Chudasama to the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly, while issuing the notice in the matter.

Justice Paresh Upadhyay of the High Court had set aside Chudasama's December, 2017 election as void on the ground of manipulation and malpractices.

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