The importance of essay paper

The importance of essay paper
R A Padmanabha Rao

The important paper in mains is essay paper. The question paper will be bilingual- English and Hindi. Candidates can write the answers in their regional language also.

The important paper in mains is essay paper. The question paper will be bilingual- English and Hindi. Candidates can write the answers in their regional language also. Let us look at 2018 paper:

It is in two parts.

Part A

1. Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient India.

2. A good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

3. poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere

4. Management of Indian border disputes- a complex task.

Part B

1. Customary morality cannot be a guide to modern life

2. "The past is a permanent dimension of human consciousness and values

3. People that values its privileges above its principles loses both

4. Reality does not confirm to the ideal, but confirms it

Each section carries 125 marks. Candidate should attempt at least one from each part. Earlier it was only one essay to be written. For the last 5 years they have made it two parts. In the year 2018 the questions in Part B are almost like ethical subjects.

How to write an essay?

Writing an article for a news paper is different. But to satisfy the examiner in a competitive examination is difficult. You should have rich vocabulary and command over language. It can be gained through regular practice. Practice makes a man perfect. The candidate should not go beyond the specified word limit. He should not go below the prescribed wordage.

Time frame

Within 180 seconds the candidate has to complete both the essays.

Choose the subject from the given four items:

It is difficult to choose one. But when the candidate has finally decided to write the essay on the choosen subject, he should prepare a rough sketch and the major points to be covered.

Beating around the bush is waste. Specific points are to be discussed at length.


If the subject demands statistics, candidate should provide them accurately.

Regarding the population census or budgetary allocations, candidate should have clear figures on his finger tips. Approximate details can be given if accurate information is not available. But it should be authentic information.

Don't give wrong information

Choosing different topics

In both the parts, while choosing the topics a different orientation can be choosen so that one can impress the examiner. If both re general of scientific subjects, it will be difficult to impress.

Old papers

We can have a broad idea about the way the questions are given in Essay paper, if we go through old papers. In 2014 the following questions were given.

Part A

1. With greater power comes greater responsibilities

When we deal with this topic, we have to analyze the pros and cons. It can be political and administrative aspects. Balanced view should be projected and not one sided information.

2. Is the growing level of competition good for youth?

The present day youth is acing heavy competition at every stage. He has to be equipped with all the necessary information to face them. Discuss the problem effectively to impress the examiner

3. Is it necessary to improve standards in education and examinations?

The general observation is that the standards in all the fields have fallen. The education system is not suitable to face the competitive examinations.

4. Harsh words are more dangerous than a sharp sword.

In part B the subjects varied

1. Whether string operation is a threat to personal freedom?

2. Can we imagine 50 gold medals in Olympics?

3. Whether Indian tourism has bright future?

4. Ws it the policy paralysis or the paralysis of

implementation which slowed the growth of the country?

While selecting the topics candidate should have clear perception on the subject.

Preamble of UPSC

"Examiners will pay special attention to the candidate's grasp of his material, its relevance to the subject choosen and his ability to think constructively and to present his ides concisely, logically and effectively."

This gives a clear picture

Regular homework

The candidate should cultivate the habit of writing essay at regular intervals. He should collect lot of information from the concerned books. Information can be divided in the following way:

1. Economy subjects

2. political thought

3. generalized subjects

4. scientific information

5. historical perspective

While collecting the information he should avoid negative criticism. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. Broad picture should be framed in his mind before he starts the essay.


Start the essay with a good quotation

Give the authenticity of the quotation. Quote it perfectly. Don't use your language in it. Summarize the meaning of the quotation and its relevance.

Sub- headings

1. Proper subheadings are to be given

2. Graphs if necessary can be drawn.

3. Language should be grammatically correct.

4. High flown language can be avoided

5. Make sure that the thought content has a general flow.

6. Avoid superfluous words

Take 5 to 10 minutes to frame your ideology and think over the topic in different angles.

It is difficult to impress the examiner on generalized subjects. So padding material is needed. Quote few anecdotes to impress the examiner. Make a revision of the essay at the end.


1000-1200 words is the limit. One can stretch up to 1250 but not above 1300. Similarly it can be 950 words but not 900. Count approximately before leaving the examination hall. Don't waste time in counting the words.

Closing remarks

The last paragraph should be the gist of your thought process and should project a clear summary of the topic. To end with a quotation also can be attempted. It should be relevant to the topic.

Start writing exercises on regular basis at least twice a week before September 20.

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