Paving the way for a new 'You'

Paving the way for a new ‘You’

Paving the way for a new ‘You’


Voice is the epitome in deciding the sanctity of an individual or organisational culture or story

Voice is the epitome in deciding the sanctity of an individual or organisational culture or story. Stories reflect the personality or character of an institutional framework which strongly affect the mindset of its key constituents viz the people.

Common dictums like gut feeling; inner voice; trust instincts are the new norms now. With conflicts all through, isn't it wiser to listen to our inner wisdom?

When in complete sync with our inner voice, there's a sense of harmony, better informed decisions, identify solutions to pressing problems for a qualitatively happy content life.

Intuition can be defined as an innate understanding without conscious reasoning. Cognitive process is the psychological process of attaining knowledge through heightened experience.

A brand's tone of voice should be distinctive. It builds trust amongst the key stakeholders. Brand expands and contracts based on the people it deals with extensively. Voice strengthens the brand awareness and marketability quotient. Positive vibes generate lasting impact on the brand and its people; while negative vibes lower the progress and strength.

Storytelling in creating an impactful voice can be done by being specific, different

message oriented, involvement, comprehensive. Asking right questions is an art. It not only improves relationships but also strengthens bonds.

Some techniques to questioning are open and closed questions. A closed question is a single word or short sentence, Open questions elicit longer answers. Questioning improves learning, avoiding misunderstandings, good listening, body language and tone of voice, engaging the listener and looking at others' point of view.

Skill sets for able leadership are eye contact, facial expression, and tone of voice which are important ingredients of a good personality. Some factors are good feedback, voice signals, non-verbal communication, facial expression, body language, improving communication.

When it comes to questioning our inner voice, it spreads to all walks of life viz professional, personal, family. We need to balance out every facet of our life to generate positivity. Questioning our inner voice needs a lot of gut spirit and an innate sense of personal or professional ethos to balance out the life's phases equally. By reflecting, we seek to be better individuals with a fine personality by commanding respect and being valued. This paves the way for an unique you.

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