The power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking
The power of positive thinking

A simple aspect in our mindset assures success to our career. It's nothing other than Positive Attitude, which has a bearing on your career...

A simple aspect in our mindset assures success to our career. It's nothing other than Positive Attitude, which has a bearing on your career potential. One positive thought sends forth energy and it is contaminating. One positive thought leads the way to another for getting the things done easily and for yielding excellent results.

It's similar to the ripple in a pond as one ripple creates many others. This sequential outcome of positive thinking can have an impact not only in terms of career growth but also on psychological and physical well being of a human being.

The outcomes of positive thinking

With relevance to career growth, positive thinking brings out the results mentioned below.

Compassion for one's ideas

Gets goodwill

Draws attention to achievements

Enhances confidence and energy levels

Improves performance in every aspect

Broadens mind to see innovative possibilities

Boosts physical fitness with sound sleep – lowers stress levels & lowers blood pressure

How to acquire positive thinking?

Human beings have got a natural tendency to think pessimistically – a mistake will be remembered for far longer than a good deed. And, undoubtedly, positive thinking doesn't mean that you simply fail to notice life's most tricky situations. Instead, it's cultivating a positive approach that is viewing a tough time as something that will outdo in course of time.

If you tend to have a suspicious outlook, you can change it if you take on a few simple strategies. Adopting a positive mindset in your life will certainly bring in good results. Positive thinking spreads if you let it proceed with its vibrant path.

Be indebted

Try to think of three things every day that you are grateful for. Some people like to write this down or record it as a note on their phone, others simply think of them. You can follow your own strategy. Set a daily alarm on your phone to remind you and carefully think of at least three things that happened on that specific day that made you feel positive.

Be compassionate

The pay it forward campaign has had proven success in improving people's mental health. Pay for the person behind you when ordering a coffee, open doors for people, take time to interact with , when you come across someone in the street. But, here's the crucial part, note what you have done and how it made you feel. Observe your own experience.

Avoid catastrophising

Catastrophising is when you take a small issue and expand it in your mind until it seems undefeatable. Check things which irritate you and try to think of simple steps to help keep you calm.

Surround yourself with positive people

As per a study, even though you have ten positive people in a room but you only need one negative person to drain all that energy away. Follow a similar approach in your life by spending more time with the most positive people you know.

Positive self-talk

Instead of telling yourself what you can't do, try to change your approach. It's easy to stay on mistakes and lose confidence in your abilities and allow yourself a maximum amount of time for complaining.

Instead, think of three positives you took from a negative experience. It doesn't matter how minute they are! Try to initiate each day with a positive outlook – what are you looking forward to make the day a constructive one? How will you reward yourself for success?

To end with, it's important that you keep practicing, especially if you have a likely tendency to be pessimistic. Nobody is ideal, and we are all constantly learning, so allow yourself time to develop this approach to establish your career and your life.

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