Unleashing the entrepreneurship mojo in students

Unleashing the entrepreneurship mojo in students

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. It's the new sought after career amongst the student community. Students today are exceptionally bright to convert their bold ideas to a reality.


Entrepreneurship is a way of life. It's the new sought after career amongst the student community. Students today are exceptionally bright to convert their bold ideas to a reality. Several skillsets which enhance their ideation are well built, and they are equipped with a confident & achievable motto.

Let's examine some of the qualities that maketh a great entrepreneur:

S Entrepreneurial skills that aspire the younger generation to work on a scalable business idea. Being enterprising & extremely dynamic calls for this avenue as it is a lot hardwork till results shoe up.

S Ideation is crucial to give reality to one's business dream. If the idea is marketable, it will be easily attainable. Good revenue generating & market feasible plans must be incorporated.

S Knowing competition is important to take effective measures to see through any crisis that exists. Well laid out plans may be lifted by sources unknown. Good care has to be taken to avoid any pitfalls.

S Good business plan takes care of all the elements of a business. Be it strategy, operations, marketing, business & revenue model, financials are crucial to have a blueprint for execution and implementation. It provides a direction to the business.

S Mentors play a pivotal role in moulding young aspirants gearing up for their enterprises. Good insight and advice come from established mentors or entrepreneurs.

According to Varun, IIT-H who is pursuing 3rd year in Engineering Science, had the unique opportunity of choosing Entrepreneurship as part of his course. After learning the skills, Varun founded his pet project Dynamic Smart Homes, a home automation unit. This venture takes care of various segments which include safety, controlling temperatures, creating perceptions. Entrepreneurship gears us to meet problems, aligns us to teams and distinguishes us from normal people. He says, the purpose of the entity is to solve problems with a open mindset. Hobbies include reading (balance sheets), netflix, observation. He admires Steve Jobs & Ayn rand.

How to build entrepreneur skills in students?

Entrepreneurship can be taught as part of academics. Students need to identify their life skills to know if they are open to a dynamic platform of being an entrepreneur. Management and technical skills, thinking skills, networking, marketing, strategic insight with personal maturity & farsightedness are the needed to sail through.

In schools, student entrepreneurship has to be encouraged. Students need to be given a platform in exploring this area which is in demand & highly competitive. Some of the most talented people need to have their ideas off ground. As it focuses on employability of students.

Startups should have the required mentorship support and network. Most entrepreneurs have the confidence and are the most engaged citizens. Giving them a platform to realise their potential will go a long way in shaping their destiny.

It would be of immense benefit if the wannabe entrepreneurs take training or internships from established entrepreneurs for direction & guidance. This will establish their purpose and mission as the experience picked up during training would help them immensely in their start ups.

Today, the student community is very vibrant with multiple levels of latent talent. They should capitalise on this towards a way forward with their start ups. The government is also providing various platforms and support to young emerging entrepreneurs towards start up funding through incubation centres.

Students can utilise this opportunity by pitching their ideas. The future is bright for the entrepreneurial community and we are seeing a number of startups flourishing by leading the path with innovative ideas and business models. Opportunities are provided to many with the start up community scaling new heights.

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