Unlock super soft hair with best care

Unlock super soft hair with best care

Unlock super soft hair with best care


Soft and frizz-free hair is wished by all

Soft and frizz-free hair is wished by all. While genetics play an important role in determining the health of your hair-exposure to excessive pollution, stress, and a poor diet can cause damage to your hair. But you can always prevent excessive dullness and dryness of hair by unlocking the best care routine.

One of the most effective ways to take care of your hair health is by regularly nourishing it with the goodness of combination of coconut oil and aloe vera which tackles frizzy hair resulting in super softness. This miracle combination can do wonders for your hair not only making it healthy but also so soft that you would want to keep touching it.

The benefits of using coconut hair oil with Aloe Vera:

• Forms a protective layer on your hair, keeping them safe from the external factors like harsh chemicals, dust, and pollution that may lead to dull hair

• Provides a long-term solution by helping you manage frizzy and dull/ dry hair

• Acts as a natural moisturising agent with soothing properties

• Helps in hair growth

• Locks essential hydration in your hair thereby keeping them soft and manageable and less prone to breakage

Preparing this combo at home on a regular basis seems cumbersome. Therefore, you can opt for parachute advansed aloe vera enriched coconut hair oil. Combination of coconut oil and aloe Vera extracts, a blend which traditionally a lot of people have been doing manually.

So, it not just saves you from the manual hassle, but this miraculous combination of coconut hair oil with aloe Vera extracts nourishes your hair and provides a protective layer that keeps your hair strands moisturised and conditioned from deep within. Applying aloe vera enriched coconut hair oil before washing can prevent dullness and dryness post the wash.

The routine - All you have to do is take a few drops of coconut hair oil and apply it gently on your hair starting from roots till the tips. Do this about 45 minutes before washing your hair with a mild cleaning solution.

Post your hair wash, you may use a pea size amount of the same oil along the tips of your hair as a serum to give your hair that extra dose of softness while keeping the frizz at bay. It's light and non-sticky texture makes it the perfect accessory to slay any hairstyle. Follow this routine twice a week to see visible results over time.

A regular application of this miracle combination will be your best bet to bid adieu to all your frizzy and dry hair woes, leaving you with well-nourished and hair so soft that you will want to keep touching it again and again.

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